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Awards and Achievements
2014 2013 2012
2011 2010
Gold Award for Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility

Arab Organization for Social Responsibility
“Alfa 4-Life” CSR Program

The award was granted to Alfa as a token of recognition of the contributions made by the company towards the Lebanese society especially through Alfa-4Life"program in support of social welfare and especially initiatives targeting children with special needs which helped the children achieve their social integration and unleash their inner talents in the field of art.
Leaders Merit Award for Great Achievement and Leadership

Telecom Review Summit
Alfa’s CEO, Marwan Hayek

The Telecom Review Industry Awards is presented on a yearly basis to key people in the ICT business who have demonstrated great achievement and leadership in the global telecom industry.

More info here
Silver award in Telecoms/Mobile & Internet
Bronze award in Best Youth Marketing

GEMAS Effies MENA Awards

Celebrating Ideas That Work and Marketing Ideas That Click, Alfa scored a double win at the Gemas Effies 2012.

Worth noting that there was no Gold awarded in the Telecom/Mobile & Internet category and Alfa U-Chat was awarded a Bronze in a non-related Telecom category- competing against all brands.
Golden Order of Merit for Leadership
Tatweej Certificate

Alfa’s CEO, Marwan Hayek

In recognition of a career rich in achievements in the ICT industry which spans over 17 years spent in laying the foundations of telecommunications networks and the development of the telecommunications infrastructure in a large number of countries including Lebanon, Egypt, Yemen and Pakistan.

Alfa Chairman and CEO Eng. Marwan Hayek received the "Golden Order of Merit for Leadership" award from the Arab Administrative Development Organization (ARADO) which is affiliated with the League of Arab States.
Best Interactive Social Platform

Pan Arab Web Awards
Alfa’s Facebook page

This award was granted to Alfa from the “Pan Arab Web Awards Academy.” It aims at honoring companies that have an effective presence on Facebook, and aims as well at encouraging companies to be interactive on social platforms.
Visionary Entrepreneur Award

Business Entrepreneurship Forum
Alfa’s CEO, Marwan Hayek

Alfa’s Chairman and CEO, Mr. Marwan Hayek received the prestigious ‘Visionary Award’ at the Business Entrepreneurship Forum Awards that aimed at recognizing his outstanding work in the ICT sector in the fields of IT infrastructure, business development and management.

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