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BlackBerry® from Alfa FAQ

1. What is BlackBerry® Internet Service?

2. Why use BlackBerry®?

3. How do I subscribe to BlackBerry® service from Alfa?

4. How would I be charged If I subscribe to BlackBerry® service during the month?

5. I am subscribed to BlackBerry Social, can i configure my email?

6. Setting the connection between your computer and your BlackBerry® smartphone

7. How do I know if my BlackBerry® device is SIM locked or not?

8. Can I use my BlackBerry® service from Alfa when abroad?

9. In case my BlackBerry roaming service is activated, can I stop receiving e-mails when I’m abroad?

10. If I want to unsubscribe from my BlackBerry® service from Alfa, what should I do?

11. Which browser should I use to access Alfa?

12. If I am a BlackBerry® WAP user, How do I update my handset to the new Alfa WAP portal address?

13. Do I need to push a “pull” button to get my Emails downloaded to my device?

14. Can I forward, add, edit emails with attachments from my device?

15. Can I download and view attachments on my device?

16. Which type of attachments can be viewed on my BlackBerry® smartphone?

17. If I change my BlackBerry® device, will the service keep working properly on the new handset?

18. Can I go back to my BlackBerry® smartphone’s default settings?

19. What happens if the security code is entered in a wrong manner?

20. What are BlackBerry® Service Books?

21. How do I change the default email address on my device?

22. Stopped receiving My Email, what’s wrong?

23. How do I add a Hotmail account to my BlackBerry® smartphone?

24. Where can I set the signatures of the e-mails I send from the handset?

25. How can I uninstall/Remove software from the handset?

26. How to change the browser from Hotspot Browser (Wi-Fi) to another browser?

27. How to separate SMS and E-mail messages?

28. How to change sound notifications of incoming e-mails or applications?

29. Does the BlackBerry® Internet Service support synchronization for Tasks, Calendars and Contacts?

30. Where I can find trusted and tested software from Alfa to download on my BlackBerry handset:

31. Is BlackBerry ® Torch Handset compatible with Alfa network?

Important Notice:

Alfa provides support only for BlackBerry® service and devices excluding:
  • Any handhelds not manufactured by RIM or any applications or software developed by anyone else, including without limitation, by End Users or third party vendors that run on RIM Handhelds, or included as part of any third party handhelds.
  • Yahoo e-mail accounts do not work currently since Lebanon is not an authorized country by Yahoo Inc. works with Alfa, while needs additional subscription to Yahoo! Mail Plus service.
  • BlackBerry connect
  • Third party applications

All applications operating on the BlackbBerry® handset should be authorized by RIM.
BlackBerry®, RIM®, Research In Motion®, SureType®, SurePress™ and related trademarks, names and logos are the property of Research In Motion Limited and are registered and/or used in the U.S. and countries around the world. Used under license from Research In Motion Limited.

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