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Alfa and touch address the Lebanese: The adjustment of tariffs is the only way forward for service continuity

19 May 2022

Beirut on 19 May 2022:
Alfa and touch have released the following statement:
As companies entrusted with managing the mobile sector, the main pillar of Lebanon’s economy, we believe that it is our responsibility to openly address the Lebanese people by sharing all facts related to the sector’s current status.
The slowdown in the implementation of the urgently needed structural reforms, starting with the reconsideration of existing tariffs in view of the economic challenges is causing constant depletion of the mobile sector assets. These include the technological, financial, and human resources. This puts the sector at risk and exposes it to a gradual degradation.
Alfa and touch are going through tough times to ensure the stability of service. Every possible measure has been taken to reduce expenses. Despite this, the revenues- expenses financial gap is high. This is limiting the ability of both our companies to repay dues, among them are employees’ rights, operational expenses, and payments to suppliers.
Our main concern is that, very soon, we will no longer be able to provide network maintenance services nor secure the fuel substances necessary for operations. This inevitably threatens the continuity of service.
In view of the current situation and to address this crisis, a national approach is required. The main entry point to this approach is the reconsideration of existing tariffs. In that context, Alfa and touch do hope that the cabinet meeting will constitute a rescue step that will help bring the sector back to the right track.