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Alfa: new tariffs take effect starting July 1st

30 June 2022

Beirut, June 30, 2022: The new tariff for mobile services will be applicable starting July 1st in implementation of the Cabinet’s decision in that regard. The new price scheme includes a 67 percent reduction in tariffs (dividing the initial price by 3) and then calculating the final service cost as per Sayrafa rate.

This decision aims to ensure the mobile service continuity and preserve the quality of services, considering that the mobile sector is one of the fundamentals of the national economy.
It’s crucial to mention that due to the upgrades and adjustments that will be made on our systems, all physical and electronic payment activities and financial transactions will exceptionally stop on July 1 and 2. This goes for all Alfa stores, Alfa website, the Alfa app, Alfa PoPs, as well as all service centers of Alfa distributors, partners, and dealers.

Alfa’s CEO, Jad Nassif stated that the repricing will ensure that Alfa keeps on providing mobile services for all users who rely on our network every day. He pointed out that “the decision was necessary due to the challenges facing the sector especially in light of the economic and financial crisis and the high cost of securing energy for our network sites”.

He said: "in the past two years, we adopted a strict policy of austerity and rationalization of spending, and it has become necessary to update the tariff to ensure service continuity and maintain the quality of the services we provide."

Nassif stated that “the tariff adjustment came after an in-depth study in close coordination with the Ministry of Telecommunications whereby our main concern was to balance between the need to ensure the continuity of our services on one hand and the general situation in the country and purchasing power of citizens on another. This prompted us to release recharge cards at reduced and affordable prices that meet needs of all segments including the $4.5 card and the $7.58 card, and the latter will offer soon in addition to the current freebies, 30 free minutes”. He added: “soon, we will enable the post to pre migration of lines as soon as the technical readiness is ensured”.

He stressed that the new prices are now within the reach of subscribers, and they can browse the website, the Alfa app, and all our accounts on social media for all information related to the repricing, adding that Alfa has already addressed them via SMS to put them in the picture.
He stressed that the Alfa team is fully ready to respond to any inquiry or clarification related to the updated tariff scheme.

New prices can be accessed here: