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22 September 2021

Beirut, Lebanon on Sep 22, 2021: Minister of Telecom, Eng. Johnny Corm visited Alfa premises in Dekwaneh and held a meeting with Alfa CEO and Chairman Jad Nassif, Alfa’s Board, managers, and advisors. The meeting discussed general matters related to the telecom sector in general and the mobile sector in particular. A brief was presented on Alfa’s operational history timeline, achievements, the services offered and the future vision. The meeting also focused on the procedures and steps that shall be implemented to enhance the quality and efficiency of services and improve Alfa’s ranking on the global internet speeds index whereby the country’s position on the index has dropped notably in the last few months.

Minister Corm emphasized the significance of working on improvements in the telecom sector which is a cornerstone for the Lebanese economy. He noted that “telecoms, as all other sectors and Ministries, is being exposed to several difficulties, namely the need to secure diesel for operations”. He explained that the Ministry is putting all efforts and working in full capacity to ensure availability of this substance, a mission that has eased now with the lift of subsidies. Minister Corm then tackled the means that can be invested to develop the sector and maintain the treasury proceeds from the telecoms sector through the restructuring of the existing services portfolio. Within the context, Corm announced that a new reform plan for the telecoms sector is underway.

Mr. Nassif underscored Alfa’s full commitment to putting all its human and technical capabilities in support of materializing the ambitious plan of Minister Corm to address the current challenges in the sector and ensure its sustainable development. He added: “the mobile sector was able to maintain stability at times where the majority of sectors have collapsed, despite the employee churn and tough times the country is passing through”.
He further elaborated saying: “as part of the Minister’s directives, our priority for the upcoming phase will focus on boosting the commercial strategy and our services portfolio, and in particular our data offerings. B2B Cloud services are also on the agenda which will enable the private sector to benefit from digital solutions”. He added: “another priority on our agenda is diversifying our Value-Added Services, all of which targets keeping pace with our subscribers’ needs”.

The Minister then toured the Alfa building, different offices, and departments to oversee the day-to-day operations in the company.