Get the MONDIAL Promo for $5* only, including:

- 10 GB 

- Play a score guessing game & win 1 of 10 Samsung Galaxy S9 / week.

- Moodak unlimited statuses to cheer for your favorite team


Subscribe now by sending an SMS to 1050 containing MPA
*Valid from June 14 till July 15. Excluding VAT 


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Dial *111# and select the MONDIAL Promo option


1 - Predict Scores:

Dial *111#, choose Mondial Promo and enter your score guessings by accessing Option 1, from the main menu.

You will be presented with the below menu, with the games of the following day:


Enter the game number for which you wish to submit a guessing (1 for example).

You will be presented with the below menu:


Submit your guessing following the above format. Example: 3/0.

Each guess will be charged $0.1.

Repeat this process to submit your guessing for other games.


2 - Check your predictions of the day!

Dial *111#, choose Mondial Promo and check the guesses you made for the games of the day by accessing Option 2, from main menu.

You will be presented with the below menu:


Select a game to know its score. For example 1. You will be prompted with the below:


Enter 1 to update your previously entered guessing, and you will be prompted with the below:


Enter the updated score prediction. 5/1 for example.

You can update the prediction for a certain game as long as it has not started. Each update will cost $0.1 and the last prediction submitted for a game will be taken into consideration when counting your total points.


3 - Your points and ranking!

Dial *111#, choose Mondial Promo and check your current points and ranking for the round by accessing Option 3, from main menu.

4 - Top 10 ranks!

Dial *111#, choose Mondial Promo and chekc the Top 10 players having the highest points by accessing menu Option 4.





The World cup duration is 32 days. Each score-guessing round is 8 days. At the end of each round, the scoring is reset.

Round Start Date End Date End Time

Round 1




Round 2




Round 3




Round 4





Guessing the exact score of the match will grant you 3 points. Matching the result of the match (winner or draw) will grant you 1 point.
Real score is 3-1.
If you guess 1-0, you get 1 point.
If you guess 3-1, you get 3 points.
If you guess 1-1, you get 0 point.
If you guess 3-5, you get 0 point.

  • Score applies until after extra-time but before penalty shoot-out, after which, you will only get the score for guessing the winner.
  • If you do not submit a complete guessing for a match (by specifying scores of team A and team B) or by entering non-valid data – i.e. text, empty spaces, non-digits etc. you will get no points (0) for the corresponding match.


You can check the ranking of the first 10 players with their respective scores by dialing *111#.
Only the first 3 digits of the first 10 players Alfa 8 digits mobile number will be displayed.


The first 10 winners of every round of the guessing game will each get a new Samsung Galaxy S9. The winners will be determined based on their scoring.
In case of a match between two players, they will then be ranked based on the time they sent their last guess; the earlier they did, the higher they rank.


Each guess will be charged $0.10. The fee will be deduced from the balance of prepaid subscribers and added to the bill of postpaid lines.

Deadline to edit your guessing

The deadline to edit the guessing is the exact beginning of the match. You can edit the score as much as you want - each update is charged at 10 cents - and only the last update prior the match will be taken into consideration.
If you try to make or edit a guessing during the match, it will neither be valid, nor allowed or charged.
The next day’s matches will be updated at 22:00 each day, mentioning time of games (local time) and the teams. You can then immediately start the guessing for the next day matches.
Example: Match 1 (Russia vs. Saudi Arabia) is to be played on the 14th of June at 6 PM.
The deadline to edit your guessing for this match is on the 14th of June at 6 PM.

Important to know

  • You cannot check the guessing of other players
  • Cheating in any way will lead to exclusion; Alfa reserves its rights to assess every case and apply what it deems necessary.
  • You should be subscribed to the MONDIAL Promo to be able to participate in the game.
  • You have to make a minimum of 2 guesses per round to be eligible to compete for the prizes of the round.