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What is the MMS ?
One of the last developments in mobile phone messaging is multimedia messaging (MMS). Like the traditional SMS (Short Message Service), the MMS technology enables the transmission of automatic and immediate personal messages. However, the MMS also allows the mobile users to enrich their messages with images, sounds and animation to make them true audio video personalized messages. With an MMS mobile you can write almost unlimited texts (3000 characters) to which you can add visuals (photos, images, animation) and sound (spoken words, music, noise) characterized by high quality audio and a longer message duration.
How does the MMS work?
The MMS enables you to send animated and colorful images to which you can add sound, from:
  • A mobile to a mobile
  • A mobile to an e-mail address
  • The WEB to a mobile
  • The WAP to a mobile
To send and receive animated images you should have an MMS enabled mobile that is configured for MMS messages.
The person who is receiving the message should also have a configured MMS enabled mobile. The majority of new mobiles on the market are MMS enabled. They also have an integrated camera that can be used to send pictures via MMS. The MMS technology enables you to download on your mobile web animations that you can save and share with people that you know.
The Alfa MMS offer
Each MMS sent, from a mobile to another, will be charged:
  • 0,15$/MMS or 226.125LBP/MMS regardless of its size
Prices for Alfa Postpaid are subject to VAT while Alfa Prepaid prices are VAT inclusive.
Each MMS can hold up to a maximum of 100kb. Some mobiles are limited with a capacity lower than 100kb
Useful information
To be able to use the MMS technology with Alfa please note the following :
  • To be able to send and receive MMS you should have a configured MMS enabled mobile.
  • Receiving MMS is unlimited and out of charge.
  • You can also send MMS between Alfa and Wataniya Telecom in Kuwait. Sending and receiving MMS all over the world will be possible soon.
  • Alfa users can send MMS from the WEB and the WAP only through our portal
  • You can send all standard formats of pictures and sound like : wav , jpeg, mpeg etc. through the MMS.
  • When sending an MMS to a person whose phone does not support MMS, the receiver can view the MMS received on , through a link sent to him by SMS.
  • Alfa users who have an MMS enabled mobile will receive an SMS that will allow them to automatically configure their mobile. All they have to do is accept or save the SMS by pressing yes or ok.
To configure your mobile MMS you have 2 choices :
- Either access the «Configuration(WAP, GPRS, MMS)» section for a manual or automatic configuration.
- Or call the free Alfa Helpline on 111.
MMS mobiles
To visualize the MMS enabled mobiles please click here
How to send an MMS:
Now that you’ve configured your mobile MMS it’s time to try this new technology ! You will find below a user guide on how to send an MMS for Sony Ericsson and Nokia mobiles.

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