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What is SMS?
SMS enables you to send and receive written messages on your mobile phone screen. All Alfa subscribers can have the SMS service enabled, which is not the case with other operators throughout the world.
Through SMS you can send messages abroad even if you have not chosen the international call option on your mobile phone and just pay the rate you pay for international messages.
However, your correspondent abroad must be on a network having signed a roaming agreement with Alfa and having access on his network to SMS.
List of unsupported operators.
How does it work?
As soon as you receive a message, you will be notified by a tone and/or by the icon appearing on the screen of your mobile phone. You can save your message and keep it as long as you wish. However, we would recommend you delete the message as soon as you have read it, as the memory of your mobile phone and of your SIM card is limited.
How to send a message
1.  Go to the menu MESSAGE
2.  Enter the number of the SMS Alfa Center: +961 3 48 88 88 (when using for the first time only).
3.  Write a message of 160 characters max (the space between two words accounts for a character).
4.  Dial your correspondent’s 8 digit number
5.  Press "send message".
6.  Depending on your mobile phone, a message on the screen will inform you about the current status "message being sent" or "message sent".
The message appearing on your screen means that your message has been received by the SMS Alfa Center, but not necessarily by your correspondent, who might be out of reach at that moment. For more details, please refer to your mobile phone user's guide.
You can send messages:
  • Directly from your mobile phone
  • From a Digital Personal Assistant connected to your mobile phone
  • From a PC connected to your mobile phone by a special cable
  • From a PC equipped with SMS communication software connected to your mobile phone by a special cable and PCMCIA card
Note: Some mobile phones do not allow the SMS option. You will not be able to send messages from such phones, but you will still be able to receive them.

Software defects in some mobile handsets may cause SMSs to be sent without the subscriber’s knowledge.

Alfa would like to inform its clients that it is not responsible for these software defects, since it is the sole responsibility of the subscriber who is using the defected handset, and who must fix these technical problems or change his/her handset. Alfa stresses that it shall not be held liable in any way whatsoever, for the problems occurring due to the customers’ handsets. Therefore, the client has to assume his/her responsibility and settle the whole amount of his/her bill without the right to claim any refund in this respect.
You can send a message from the website, by selecting the Communicate/SMS menu.
How much does it cost?
Local SMS 0.05$/SMS 75.375LBP/SMS (VAT Excluded)
International SMS 0.18/SMS 271LBP/SMS (VAT Excluded)

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