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About the service
The VIP service allows you to create a list of allowed and not allowed numbers who can reach you on your mobile either via voice or video calls, thus allowing for extra privacy. You can also limit access to callers to whom you have previously given the VIP code
Features and useful tips
- Add up to 10 numbers under each list (Allowed and Not Allowed)
- Add country prefixes to control the calls from a certain country - Control the time and dates these numbers can contact you on
- Filter the calls received by Voice and/or Video
- Block Private calls
- Block SMS notifications
How to use the service
  • Log in to the VIP Section to manage your VIP pin code as well as the Access code and follow the instructions to set the time and date intervals for each number from the allowed and/or the not allowed list
  • The Allowed and Not Allowed list of numbers can be filtered by Voice and Video calls depending on your preference
  • You can edit the time and date intervals of the allowed and not allowed numbers at any time. All you have to do is select the number you wish to edit and you will be able to re-configure the settings of each number
  • VIP subscribers can choose to block Private calls and set their preferred language
  • VIP service can also be managed by calling 115 for free
How much does VIP cost?
$2 per month (VAT Excluded).
How to subscribe?
- Subscribe, unsubscribe online
- Call 111 for free
- Press *111# then yes
- Send an SMS (for free) enclosing VIP to 1050

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