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Call Barring
What is Call Barring?
Call Barring allows you to prevent any incoming or outgoing call in various situations in order to control your expenses, especially when roaming.
How does it work?
By subscribing to this service, you can benefit from all the following possibilities of Call Barring:
  • Barring of All Outgoing Calls: Prevents all outgoing calls.To activate this option press * 33 * 0000 # Yes
  • Barring of All Incoming Calls: Prevents all incoming calls.To activate this option press * 35 * 0000 # Yes
  • Barring of Outgoing International Calls: Prevents all outgoing international calls even if you are entitled to make international calls. You can only dial national calls.To activate this option press * 331*0000 # Yes
  • Barring of All Incoming Calls when roaming: Prevents all incoming calls when roaming. If you are a foreigner using the roaming option, you will not receive any calls on your line.To activate this option press * 351*0000 # Yes
  • Barring of Outgoing International Calls except those to Home country: Prevents all outgoing international calls except those to your home country. This is only applicable when you are roaming on a network other than your own.To activate this option press *332*0000# Yes
  • Deactivation codes
    To Cancel Barring: # (33 or 331 or 35 or 351 or 332) * 0000 # Yes
  • Default Barring Code: 0000
How much does it cost?
$2 per month (VAT Excluded)
How to subscribe?
- Subscribe, unsubscribe online
- Call 111 for free
- Press *111# then yes
- Send an SMS (for free) enclosing CB to 1050

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