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Message Box
What is Message Box?
Message Box is a service that gathers your voice-mails in one mailbox and makes them accessible from any of the following:
  • Your line: call 113 ($0.11/min excluding VAT)
  • Any land line or other operator’s line: call 03-390113, then enter your 8 digits Alfa mobile number followed by your Pin code (Normal tariffs applies)
  • From abroad: call +961 3390113, then enter your Alfa prepaid phone number, followed by your personal PIN code.
With Message Box, whether you are at the office, on the road or traveling, a Voice Mail will answer your correspondence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even if your mobile is off, busy or out of coverage area.
How to subscribe?
- Subscribe, unsubscribe online
- Call 111
- Press *111# then yes
- Send an SMS (for free) enclosing MSB or MSBP to 1050

How to use Message Box?
- To activate Message Box, you will need to divert your calls to 123 (current voicemail number).
- To activate Message Box with the CLIP Alert option (free of charge), you will need to divert your calls to 1343.
- To have access to your messages by phone, simply call 113 and follow the instructions.
- The activation codes for Message Box are as follows:
  • If out of Reach: ** 62 * (123 or 1343) # Yes
  • If Busy: ** 67 * (123 or 1343) # Yes
  • All Calls: ** 21 * (123 or 1343) # Yes
  • If not answered after few rings: ** 61*(123 or 1343)**(number of seconds) # Yes
Tariff and general advantages Message Box
- Regular Message Box offer: $4/ month (VAT Excluded)
  • Number of messages: 10
  • Length of each message: 40 seconds
  • Message validity period: 7days
  • Multiple Greeting types
  • Multiple Notifications types
  • Send a voice message to one or group of people
  • Call Divert
  • CLIP Alert
- Professional Message Box offer: $6/month (VAT Excluded)
  • Number of messages: 30
  • Length of each message: 60 seconds
  • Message validity period: 7days
  • Send a voice message to one or group of people
  • Multiple Greeting types
  • Multiple notifications types
  • Call Divert
  • CLIP Alert
New Features
The updated message box service allows you to benefit from the following:
- Personalizing your mailbox with the first time login procedure, where you can set your own:
  • Language
  • PIN code
  • Spoken name

- Multiple greetings types:
  • All Calls: Greeting plays for all calls when no other greetings are activated
  • Caller Dependent: greeting plays for a specific caller(s) of your choice.
  • No answer: greeting plays when the subscriber does not answer the phone. If activated it takes priority on the All-calls greeting.
  • Busy: greeting plays when the subscriber phone line is busy, if activated this greeting overrides the all calls greeting.
  • Out of Business hours: greeting plays when the subscriber’s business hours indicates that he is out of the office. If activated, this greeting takes priority over the no-answer, busy, and all calls greeting during times outside the defined business hours
  • Absence: greeting plays when the subscriber is away for a period of time. Callers cannot leave a voice message when it is active

- Multiple notification types:
  • SMS, Email, MMS
  • Distribution lists customization: You can create different distributions from different member and name each one of them
  • Reply and forward: you can reply to the sender or forward the initial voice to other receivers also.

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