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Our Services Our Distributors
Connection to Alfa Postpaid Line Regular $ 50 LBP 75,375
Connection to Alfa Postpaid Line Bronze $ 150 LBP 226,125
Connection to Alfa Postpaid Line Silver $ 400 LBP 603,000
Connection to Alfa Postpaid Line Golden $ 800 LBP 1,206,000
Connection to Alfa Postpaid Line Diamond $ 5,000 LBP 7,537,500
Alfa Prepaid Migration
Deposit $ 100 LBP 150,750
Migration fees Free Free
Monthly Subscription $ 15 LBP 22,613
Calls tariffs per minute
To an Alfa Number $ 0,11(1) LBP 166(1)
To another local mobile or fixed line number $ 0,11(1)+10LBP LBP 166(1)+10LBP
To an international number $ 0,11(1)+ CTN(2) LBP 166(1)+ CTN(2)
CLIP $ 4.5/month6,800LBP/month
Call Waiting $ 0.5/month LBP 755/month
Call Divert $ 1,5/month LBP 2,261/month
Message Box, Call Divert and CLIP Alert
  Regular(3) $ 4/monthLBP 6,030/month
  Professional(4) $ 6/monthLBP 9,045/month
CLIR & SOCLIR $ 10/monthLBP 15,075/month
VIP $ 2/monthLBP 3,015/month
Advice of Charge $ 3/monthLBP 4,523/month
Call Barring $ 2/monthLBP 3,015/month
Conference Multiparty Free Free
Detailed Bill FreeFree
Detailed Bill by E-mailFreeFree
Detailed Bill on Demand FreeFree
Additional Fax number$ 10/monthLBP 15,075/month
Mobile Internet (WEB & WAP)
   500 MB ($0.1 / extra MB) $ 10/monthLBP 15,075/month
   1.5 GB ($0.08 / extra MB) $ 17/monthLBP 25,628/month
   5 GB ($0.07/ extra MB)$ 23/monthLBP 34,673/month
   10 GB ($0.07/ extra MB)$ 39/monthLBP 58,793/month
   20 GB ($0.06/ extra MB)$ 59/monthLBP 88,943/month
   30 GB ($0.05/ extra MB)$ 79/monthLBP 119,093/month
   40 GB ($0.05/ extra MB)$ 99/monthLBP 149,243/month
   60 GB ($0.05/ extra MB)$ 119/monthLBP 179,393/month
   100 GB ($0.04/ extra MB)$ 149/monthLBP 224,618 /month
  Access to WAP only $ 5/monthLBP 7,538/month
WhatsApp $ 2/monthLBP 3,014/month
   Prime+ 1.5GB ($ 0.07 / extra MB)$ 38 / monthLBP 57,285/month
   Prime 750MB ($ 0.08 / extra MB)$ 24 / monthLBP 36,180/month
   Complete 200MB ($ 0.08 / extra MB)$ 12 / monthLBP 18,090/month
   Social 200MB ($ 0.08 / extra MB)$ 8 / monthLBP 12,060/month
Local MMS regardless of Size $ 0,15/MMSLBP 226.125/MMS
Local SMS $ 0.05/SMSLBP 75.375/SMS
International SMS$ 0.18/SMSLBP 271/SMS
SMS 114 (Billing Information ) FreeFree
Call 114 (Billing Information) FreeFree
Alfa Service Box 4
(Message Box, Call Waiting & VIP)
$4LBP 6,030/month
Alfa Service Box 10
(Message Box, Call Waiting, VIP, CLIP & CLIRSOCLIR)
$10LBP 15,075/month
Roaming & International
Unlimited International Access
  Letter of guarantee or deposit $ 750LBP 1,130,625
  Activation fees FreeFree
Limited International Access
  Subscription FreeFree
Roaming, Call Barring and International Access(6)
  Letter of guarantee or deposit$ 1,000LBP 1,507,500
  Activation fees FreeFree
Roaming Regional (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates)
  Letter of guarantee or deposit$ 300LBP 452,500
  Activation fees FreeFree
SMS Roaming Free Free
Other services
Twin Card
  Connection fees$ 50LBP 75,500
  Monthly Subscription$ 15LBP 22,613
Change of Number $ 25LBP 37,750
Change of SIM Card $ 5LBP 7,537.5
Reconnection Fees $ 10LBP 15,075
Line Voluntary Suspension (for more than 1 month) $ 10/monthLBP 15,075/month
Card Unblocking FreeFree
Cancellation of Line FreeFree
Call to 111
(from an Alfa line, on the Lebanese territory)
1) The amount of the government tax of $ 0,06/LBP 90 per minute is directly included in the amount of the connection to the Alfa network.
2) CTN: Lebanese community telecommunication network. The cost of international calls is fixed by ministerial decree.
3) Subscribers who have already submitted a letter of guarantee or made a deposit to get an “International Access” shall not supply any additional deposit or letter of guarantee.
* The VAT will be added to the above prices on the whole amount of your bill. MIC1 S.A.L reserves the right to make any changes to these tariffs.
* This pricelist was issued on November 15, 2004. It cancels and replaces all those which preceded it. It will remain applicable as long as a new one has not replaced it.
* For any assistance or further information please call for free our Customer Service on 111.

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