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Choose your Plan Services Prepaid to Postpaid
Prepaid Recharge
You can change your current Alfa Prepaid line into an Alfa Postpaid line for free. A deposit of $100 is required.
A 60% discount, valid for one year, on a variety of services which includes:
for only $ 5 / LBP 7,550 per month (VAT not included)instead of $ 12,50 / LBP 21,105(VAT not included).
An Alfa Postpaid can return to Alfa Prepaid only during the 4th month after migration from Alfa Prepaid.
This offer is available at all alfa distributors, Alfa stores.
Required Documents
- For the Lebanese Resident
  • ID or Civil record or Valid passport or Military Service Card or Army Reserve Card or Military Specimen number 2 .
  • Deposit: $100 deposit when migrating the line from prepaid to postpaid and $50 when purchasing a new postpaid line
- For the Foreign Resident
  • Valid Passport or Personal Identity Card or Residence Permit
  • Deposit of $100 in case of line migration or $50 Deposit in case of new postpaid line.
  • Proof of Residence or Letter of guarantee or deposit of $250 per line or Residence Certificate stamped by the mayor or Water, PSTN or electricity bill issued in the name of the customer or House lease contract, house property deed.
    N.B: If you have a residence permit, there will be no need for any Proof of Residence or its equivalent.
  • Payment method automatic direct debit at the bank is obligatory.
- For the Foreign Non-Resident
Advantages of Alfa Postpaid Line
  • No more stress over your credits or the risk of losing your number. The Alfa Postpaid line is yours, no risk attached.
  • You can benefit from 4 different payment methods adapted to your specific needs. You can chose to pay either by direct bank withdrawal from your account, directly at a bank or at any of the OMT offices or simply to have the money collected directly from your home or your work address through Jibayat.
  • You can choose to get a monthly Detailed Bill or to get an E-mail Billing which allows you to follow your consumption levels.
  • A large variety of services are available such as the Mobile Internet GPRS offer.

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