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Go social with alfa!
Alfa subscribers can now upgrade their social experience by subscribing to the new WhatsApp 100MB that is tailored to keep them socially connected to their friends and family.
How much does it cost?
Data Bundle Price Extra MB Cost
WhatsApp 100MB $2 $0.13/ MB
Important to know
  • WhatsApp 100MB is not available for new subscribers
  • The WhatsApp subscription will be automatically renewed every 30 days. If you don’t have enough credit and your line is in retention period, your service subscription will be automatically canceled
  • If you are out of MBs before your WhatsApp subscription expires, you have the possibility to continue browsing using extra MBs
  • When your WhatsApp subscription expires, the remaining MBs, if any, will not be accumulated
  • WhatsApp can be activated along with any other Mobile Internet data plan and in case allocated WhatsApp bundle MBs are depleted, you will still be able to access the WhatsApp application using an active Mobile Internet bundle, if any.
  • The WhatsApp MB consumption is independent from other Mobile Internet bundles you are subscribed to and your WhatsApp MB traffic will only be consumed from your “Social” bundle subscription
  • WhatsApp 100MB is not compatible with BlackBerry® handsets (excluding BB10)
  • Check your WhatsApp consumption online

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