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Data Roaming
Data Roaming is a service that allows you to access Mobile Internet, WAP, or BlackBerry® service, in addition to sending MMS from your handset; when you are abroad.
Activation Requirements
  • "Roaming" service and Mobile Internet, WAP, or/and BlackBerry ® service are pre-requisite for Data Roaming activation.
  • If you already have both Roaming and one of the services listed above, you will be able to use Data Roaming only if you request service activation. No automatic or by default Data Roaming activation.
How much does it Cost?
  • Data Roaming service subscription and Activation are free of Charge.
    For each and every time you roam, you are only charged for your MB usage abroad. Charges depend on the foreign country visited.
  • Sending or Receiving MMS is charged per volume and can reach $3/MMS
  • Usage tariffs does not differ by time of day (i.e Peak and Off Peak hours)
  • Data Roaming is only operational in countries in which Alfa has Data roaming agreement with.
  • To access detailed information about available Data Roaming operators and their tariffs, kindly click here .
These tariffs are subject to modifications at any time, without prior notice.
Charges will be on both Download and Upload.
N.B: 1MB=1024 Kb
Important Notice
  • If you have "Regional Roaming" service on your line; you need to switch it to the Standard Roaming Service.
  • When Roaming is deactivated, Data Roaming will be automatically deactivated.
  • Abroad Data Consumption is independent, and does not affect local MB bundle.
  • No special settings are required for the Data Roaming service if you already have Alfa local internet service adequate settings on your handset.

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