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Roam Abroad: Alfa Postpaid Alfa Prepaid
About the Service Where To Roam
Roam abroad for Alfa Postpaid lines users
As we are always working on improving our service you can now roam in most countries, around the world.To check the availability of our service please select the country your are traveling to and click on the Submit button. You will access detailed information about available operators and their tariffs.
These tariffs are subject to modifications at any time, without prior notice.
Data Roaming Tariffs
  • Tariffs are inclusive of VAT, and are estimated per minute, in US dollars. Except for the SMS that are calculated per characters ( 1 SMS = 160 characters costs 0.09 cents to local Lebanese numbers and 0.18 cents to international numbers ); Other fees related to the visited country tariffs (such as outgoing calls to international destinations while roaming) will be added to this initial cost as per the applicable tariffs of the operator in the visited country.
  • The reception of an SMS sent by a subscriber to a foreign operator is not guaranteed. Indeed, some foreign operators with whom Alfa currently has a roaming agreement may not always allow the receipt of SMS on their respective networks. Please note that no notification of receipt will be sent to the sender of the SMS. Either way, the SMS sent is billed according to the tariff per SMS.

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