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RFQ# 0148-22 Diesel Oil Supply for MIC1 Premises & Core Sites Diesel Oil Supply for MIC1 Premises & Core Sites Send Email
RFQ# 0149-22 Gensets Overhauling Gensets Overhauling & Reparations Send Email
RFQ#0150-22 Civil Works Acitivites on Sites Civil Works Activities on sites including but not limited to: • Water proofing works • Sites dismantling (including Telecom equipment) and roof rehabilitation • Reinforcement of civil, mechanical and structures • New supports installation (Tripods, Offset pipes, wall supports, etc.) • Civil, electrical and telco works for sites expansion (sectorization, new sectors, RRU relocation, etc.) • Civil, electrical and mechanical works for gensets relocation • Topographic survey upon TSC request • CoW services (installation, dismantling and rehabilitation) • Transmission and antennas activities (Cables installation underground, realignment, add platforms…) Send Email
RFT:#0197-22 Justice GE Supply RFT Justice GE Supply RFT 08-02-2023 01-03-2023 Send Email
RFT:#0035-23 Justice GE Installation RFT Justice GE Installation RFT 23-02-2023 16-03-2023 Send Email
RFT:#0029-23 Switches Gensets Maintenance RFT Switches Gensets Maintenance RFT 23-02-2023 09-03-2023 Send Email
RFQ#0162-23 RFQ - UPSs Batteries RFQ - for UPSs Batteries 08-03-2023 3/20/2023 Send Email
RFQ#0263-23 Justice Genset Installation RFT Justice Genset Installation RFT 12-05-2023 6/2/2023 Send Email
RFQ#0412-23 Overhauling caterpillar of ADMA Switches G1 and G2 Overhauling caterpillar of ADMA Switches G1 and G2 8/3/2023 8/11/2023 Send Email
RFQ#0454-23 RFQ-RESERV Generator Relocation RFQ-RESERV Generator Relocation 25-08-2023 9/4/2023 Send Email
RFT#0472-23 Building Maintenance Outsourcing RFT Building Maintenance Outsourcing for MIC1 Premises 31-8-2023 9/15/2023 Send Email
REF#0483-23 IT Obsolete Equipment Selling Auction MIC1 is looking for an IT vendor to proceed with buying the obsolete IT equipment, mainly computers, monitors, printers, and routers located at Alfa warehouses. The buyer (local or international) must bear at his own cost the shipping fees and collect the equipment from its corresponding location on the date agreed on with MIC1. 08/09/2023 29/09/2023 Send Email
RFQ#507-23 RFQ- RAHBEH and LABOUE Sites Reinstallation RFQ- RAHBEH and LABOUE Sites Reinstallation 12-09-2023 9/22/2023 Send Email
RFT#0422-23 Call Center PCCE Servers Replacement Replace the CISCO PCCE servers which host the call center solution. Only CISCO partners can participate because the existing PCCE solution can only run on CISCO UCS servers. 19/09/2023 09/10/2023 Send Email
RFQ#0530-23 WAHECH Site Re-Installation WAHECH Site Re-Installation 29-09-2023 10/10/2023 Send Email
MIC1 reserve the right upon its sole discretion to suspend, cancel or amend the expression of interest process at any time and for any reason, with no liability whatsoever on MIC1 for taking such action.