Should I go Prepaid or postpaid?

Here is what you need to know.

Which plan suits me better?

- Suitable for temporary or seasonal users
- You can control your monthly spending

- Suitable for all year long regular users
- You are able to consume as you go and pay at the end of the month

How much do I have to pay monthly?



Why should I choose this plan?

- No monthly subscription fees or contracts
- Free access to various services
- Less risk of overspending
- You can Top Up your line to make calls or use Data

- 60 minutes free month
- You don't have to manage your consumption and line validity
- Tariff per minute is more cheaper
- Automatic bill payment from bank account or credit card
- Temporary suspension of the line while paying a lower monthly subscription
- Monthly detailed bill

Can I change my plan?

You can change your plan anytime while keeping the same number. (currently not available and it will be back soon)

You can change your plan anytime while keeping the same number.

Does my line have an expiration date?


Does my account expire?

You could run out of credits if you forget to recharge on time.

You can consume unlimited airtime.

When do I settle my consumption

In advance.


Do I have to Top up my account?

when your credit runs out, you have to buy more credit and Top up by recharging


Will call details appear in my monthly bill?



Is data sharing available?