Offers and Promo

Offers and Promo

With every purchase of a new Alfa prepaid line, subscribe to a data bundle of 1.5GB and above, during the first 10 days, and get your data tripled for the first two subscriptions.
Offer Valid till January 20, 2019

How much it costs

The price of the new Alfa Prepaid line is $3, excluding VAT and contains a credit value of $3 with an initial validity period of 10 days from the first call.

More info

Click here to check the available Mobile Internet bundles

Where to Buy?

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Important to know

  • The bundle you are subscribed to will be tripled twice:
    • Upon the first subscription
    • Upon the first automatic or manual renewal
  • The tripled Mobile Internet bundle cannot be shared
  • If the first subscription to the tripled Mobile Internet is canceled, you won’t be eligible to benefit from the offer again
  • If you modify your bundle to a different package equal to or higher than 1.5GB, you will still be eligible for the tripled Mobile Internet
  • You can subscribe to any data bundle on top of this bundle (weekly data bundles, Alfa booster, Alfa 4x4, Alfa 5x5…)
  • If you’re out of MBs before your subscription expires, you have the possibility to continue browsing using extra MBs (the extra MBs rate is based on the purchased bundle), which will be deducted from your account balance or you can instantly renew your bundle
  • The Mobile Internet bundle is automatically renewable every 30 days. If you don’t have enough credit and your line is in the retention period, your service subscription will be automatically canceled

Watch all the live matches and replays of the Alfa Basketball championship and Lebanese Basketball cup through the Alfa Sports app from your mobile phone starting $9/month.

Access All Games Live and in replay!

  • Alfa Sports application will be broadcasting 100% of the Basketball matches live and in replay, while 70% of the matches are only available on the app (not broadcasted on TV)

Full HD fast streaming​​​​​​​

  • All matches are transmitted in full HD quality
  • Alfa subscribers will exclusively benefit from an unlimited data bundle dedicated to watching the matches and browsing the app

Easy and convenient​​​​​​​

  • Register to the app and subscribe in simple and easy steps
    Never miss a game again! Watch all the games live and on the go on your mobile phone or in replay anytime at your convenience

Contribute with your favorite team​​​​​​​

  • Select the team of your choice and Alfa will support it with $1 per month as long as you remain subscribed
  • If you are subscribed to the season pass, Alfa will support your selected team with $6 per season


Click here to download the app now on your Android Device

Click here to download the app now on you iOS device

Access the application on the web through 



How Much It Costs​​​​​​​


Basketball passes



Alfa Users

Monthly Pass

-Regular season: $9/ month

-Playoffs: $12/month


Season Pass

For the entire season: $54


Non-Alfa Users


Monthly Pass

-Regular season: $9/month

-Playoffs: $12/month

Browse it using your Mobile internet subscription or WIFI

Season Pass

For the entire season: $54

Browse it using your Mobile internet subscription or WIFI


*Full price applies from subscription date till the end of the calendar month/season

*Excluding VAT except for Alfa Prepaid subscribers


How To Subscribe/ Unsubscribe​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

For Alfa users: Download the Alfa sports App, choose the Basketball pass and then Subscribe.

For non-Alfa users: Download the Alfa sports App, choose the Basketball pass and then Subscribe. You will have to pay through credit card.


Important To Know​​​​​​​

  • The matches are all games of the Alfa basketball championship 2018-2019 men and women divisions and for the Lebanese 2018-2019 Cup
  • All matches are available with full commentary in full HD quality
  • The app can be installed on multiple devices; however, one user can be logged in at a time
  • Upon cancelation of the monthly pass, you will still be able to access the content until the end of the month, however the bundle will not be renewed
  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​For international viewers and non-Alfa subscribers, the subscription fees will also allow full access to the content; however, unlimited data is exclusive for Alfa subscribers

Reaching your monthly consumption limit frequently?
Now you have the option to automatically renew your Mobile Internet or Alfa 5x5 bundles once you reach your data consumption limit.


Click here for more info on the Auto Data Renewal feature for Postpaid
Click here for more info on the Auto Data Renewal feature for Prepaid
Click here for more info on the Auto Data Renewal feature for Mobile Broadband


The new WhatsApp bundle is here!

Stay connected with your family and friends with the new WhatsApp bundle 300MB for $5/month* available for all prepaid, postpaid and business subscribers.

Click here for more details about Prepaid WhatsApp bundle

Click here for more details about Postpaid WhatsApp bundle

Click here for more details about Business WhatsApp bundle


*excluding VAT

Alfa U-Play is a gaming application store that grants Alfa postpaid and prepaid subscribers, using Android devices, an unlimited full access to more than 440+ games that are child friendly and secure, for $4* per month or $0.14** per day.

*Price excluding VAT
**$0.14 per day is available for prepaid users only


No hidden costs and advertising. You and your child can play without interruptions!

Alfa U-Play enables you to download games to your device and play offline anywhere. No internet connection required.

Alfa U-play provides a safe, child-friendly and secure viewing experience for all ages. You can filter the apps by age and by category.

Subscribe now and enjoy a 7-Day Free Trial!


- Accessible from Android mobile devices and tablets
- Enjoy a safe experience free of malware and viruses
- Set a Pin Code to restrict access to games for ages 7+
- Enjoy unlimited playtime
- Install Alfa U-Play on multiple devices (Up to 10 devices, one player at a time)

Note: Holders of non-Android devices can subscribe to this service and install it on Android devices.

Some of your favorite games:


Click here to download the full list of games

Learn how to subscribe & download

Get your FREE SIM cards, to connect all of your devices (laptop, tablet…) to your existing Alfa mobile internet bundle on your Postpaid line.

Head to any Alfa store now to reclaim your FREE twin SIMs and subscribe for $2 /Month (VAT excluded)
Click here for more info.

Short on credit? This service allows Alfa prepaid subscribers to borrow credit instantly enabling them to make local calls, send local SMSs and consume local MBs. Subscribers on the last day of line validity will get additional validity days too!

Click here for more info 


What’s even better than weekends? The Weekender deals by Alfa.
Every week, Alfa offers you $4 great deals for you to enjoy during the weekend. Subscribe on Friday before midnight, and enjoy it on Saturday and Sunday.

Deal for December 8 & 9 (subscription on Friday, December 7)

1.5GB - 70 Minutes - VIP service*
$4 excl. VAT

Subscribe NOW! Simply send TW to 1050 by SMS for free or dial *111# and follow the instructions.


*The VIP service allows you to create a list of approved or unapproved numbers that can reach you on your mobile for extra privacy.
Click here for more information on the VIP service for prepaid
Click here for more information on the VIP service for postpaid


Click here for more info on The Weekender offer for  postpaid
Click here for more info on The Weekender offer for  prepaid



Exclusive to university students! If you’re currently an enrolled university student**, you’ve got all it takes to benefit from Alfa A+ prepaid and postpaid plan

For only $15* enjoy 5GB, 3 hours of talk time, 1,000 SMSs, Unlimited access to Wikipedia and LinkedIn and much more.

Click here for the Alfa A+ prepaid plan details

Click here for the Alfa A+ postpaid plan details

Limited offer. 

*Excluding VAT 

**Eligible students are up to 25 years old