Offers and Promos

Offers & Promos

Starting only $0.05 you can now listen to the radio station of your choice from a list of 32 countries. Simply call 1031 and enjoy radio shows and music from around the world.

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Short on credit? This service allows Alfa prepaid subscribers to borrow credit instantly enabling them to make local calls, send local SMSs and consume local MBs. Subscribers on the last day of line validity will get additional validity days too!

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Personalize your calls with Moodak mobile application from Alfa by adding a status displayed to your callers.

Choose a default status or set the status you want to share with groups and individuals and your callers will be able to read your status accordingly. You can even assign timeframes to your statuses.

Download the application and choose from a variety of bundles.

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This Christmas, gift your loved ones what they need by sending them an Alfa service.

Choose from a wide variety of Alfa services and send your gift now!

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The Weekender

What’s even better than weekends? The Weekender deals by Alfa.
Every week, Alfa offers you $4 great deals for you to enjoy during the weekend. Subscribe on Friday before midnight, and enjoy it on Saturday and Sunday.

Deal for January 13 & 14 (subscription on Friday, January 12)

1.5 GB - 60 Minutes - VIP Service*

$4 excl. VAT

Subscribe NOW! Simply send TW to 1050 by SMS for free or dial *111# and follow the instructions.

*The VIP service allows you to create a list of approved or unapproved numbers that can reach you on your mobile for extra privacy.

Note: You will consume The Weekender’s data, minutes and services prior to consuming your other voice and data active service during the weekend.


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If you are in need of data for a short time period, Alfa gives you now more options than ever with the Weekly Data Bundle
Enjoy a variety of 3 weekly data bundles:

  • 500 MB / week for only $5
  • 1.5 GB / week for only $7
  • 5 GB / week for only $15

How to subscribe?

  • Press *111# then yes
  • Call 1454
  • Send an SMS for free to 1050 enclosing WDB<bundle>
    Example: to subscribe to the 5GB bundle send WDB5


Short on MBs or dollars?

Alfa subscribers can now enjoy a daily boost of MBs and Dollars valid till next day midnight.

Enjoy 50 MBs or 20 minutes for $1 only till the next day midnight!


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Exclusive to university students! If you’re currently an enrolled university student**, you’ve got all it takes to benefit from Alfa A+ prepaid and postpaid plan

For only $15* enjoy 5GB, 3 hours of talk time, 1,000 SMSs, Unlimited access to Wikipedia and LinkedIn and much more

Click here for the Alfa A+ prepaid plan details

Click here for the Alfa A+ postpaid plan details

Limited offer. 

*excluding VAT 

**Eligible students are up to 25 years old