Offers and Promo

Offers and Promo

Get the latest Samsung Galaxy A20 for $184 (VAT. Included) or the Samsung Galaxy A30 for 239$ (VAT. Included) along with a new Alfa prepaid line and benefit for FREE from 2GB/month for 6 consecutive months.

How it works

  1. Buy the Samsung Galaxy A20 or the Samsung Galaxy A30 from any Alfa store.
  2. Get a new Alfa prepaid line, insert it in the device during the first 20 days of the line activation.
  3. Send an SMS for free to 1050 enclosing SD and you will be granted automatically 2GB FREE data per month over 6 months.

How to check your consumption

  • Online
  •  Dial *111# and follow the steps
  •  Dial *11#

Important to know

  • The free data will remain active if the SIM is reinserted in another device.
  • Extra MBs consumption is not available for this bundle.
  • This offer is no longer valid in case of plan change or line cancellation.
  • This bundle’s data can’t be shared.
  • Limited quantities available.

In collaboration with Allo Taxi, you will benefit from free WIFI when boarding any Allo Taxi cab in addition to a discount on your rides as follow:

  • First time users of Allo Taxi will benefit from a onetime free ride (up to 20,000LL).
  • During weekdays, you will benefit from a 15% discount for any Allo Taxi trip (airport included).
  • During Weekends, you will benefit from a 25% discount for any Allo Taxi trip (airport included).

This offer is exclusive for Alfa users.

eSIM is the latest technology in SIM cards where the SIM is embedded in the mobile device. eSIM allows you to activate a mobile number without having to use a physical SIM.

How much it costs

• For a new Prepaid line: $3 (VAT. Excluded) *
• For a new Postpaid line: $50 (VAT. Excluded)*
• If you are an Alfa subscriber, whether Prepaid or Postpaid, you can replace your existing SIM card with an eSIM for a one-time fee of $5 (VAT. Excluded).

*Same prices of the current physical SIMs


How it works

Visit one of our Alfa Stores branches, along with your ID card or your valid passport, and purchase your QR code to scan it using your supporting eSIM mobile device.
To activate your eSIM on an eSIM capable iPhone, follow the below steps:

1. Go to Settings
2. Select Cellular
3. Push on Add Cellular plan – the camera will automatically open to scan your QR code
4. You should wait until your profile is completely downloaded and then you will receive a confirmation message.

An active data bundle (or Wifi) is mandatory during the installation.

With eSIM, you can now use up to two lines at once on your phone with one SIM card and another eSIM. You can also store multiple eSIMs on your device at the same time and switch between the eSIMs right from your devices settings to choose only one eSIM to be active at a time.

eSIM is compatible with the iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. You also need to ensure that you are using the latest software version that enables eSIM.

The QR-code provided should not be shared with anyone and should be kept in a safe place as you might need to re-download your profile whether on the same device or on another device.

Important to know

  • eSIM is currently not available on Apple watch.
  • U-Chat 17 & Waffer cannot exchange their SIM with an eSIM and vice versa.
  • If you lose your device, to pass by any Alfa store and purchase a new SIM/eSIM.
  • With eSIM, you can put up multiple phone numbers, which you can add, activate, deactivate and delete directly from your device settings.

Stay online anywhere you land! With this pocket-size portable 4G router, connect instantly to the internet with the push of a button.

Seamless Global connection to a 4G network.
No need to queue at the airport to get a new SIM, or wait to arrive at your hotel to access Wi-Fi. Connect to a 4G network instantly across the 100+ most visited countries in the world.

Unlimited Data
Activate the bundle that suits your travel plans (1 week, 1 month or 1 year duration) and get unlimited data with a daily download limit of up to 400MB at full speed, after which the speed becomes 128 Kbps until midnight.

Connect Multiple Devices
Connect up to 5 devices to your own private and secure internet Wi-Fi network.

Power bank
The router also acts as your power bank and has a battery lasting up to 15 hours

The router costs $150, VAT included, (onetime fee) and is activated based on a weekly, monthly or yearly bundle.


Bundles Duration

Price (excluding VAT)


Fair Usage Policy

1- Week


7 days

Daily download limit of up to 400MB at full speed, after which the speed becomes 128 Kbps until midnight



30 days

Daily download limit of up to 350 MB at full speed, after which the speed becomes 128 Kbps until midnight



365 days

Daily download limit of up to 350 MB at full speed, after which the speed becomes 128 Kbps until midnight

Note: The bundles are not automatically renewable.

How to Subscribe

Alfa Data Traveler can be activated on Alfa prepaid, postpaid and MBB lines. Non Alfa-users will get a new dedicated line free of charge.
Purchase the device at any Alfa Store, or distributor. Click here to find a store.
Subscribe to the bundle of your choice by using one of the following channels.

1- Alfa Website:

  • Register or Login with your existing account
  • Go to My Account > Manage Services
  • Select Alfa Data Traveler and click on Subscribe
  • Select the bundle you wish to activate
  • You will then be asked to enter the IMEI of your router
  • Click on Activate

2- Dial *111# and follow the instructions

3- By SMS:
Send an SMS to 1050 enclosing DTW for the weekly bundle or DTM for the monthly bundle, or DTY for the yearly bundle followed by the router IMEI.
Example: if the router IMEI is 53568974563, and you want to subscribe to the weekly bundle, send ADTW53568974563 by SMS to 1050

Important to know

  • This dedicated number activated upon subscription to the “Alfa Data Traveler” service has a limited lifetime of 2.5 years to be extended only via unit recharge. Credit Transfer does not extend the validity of the line.
  • The subscription to an “Alfa Data Traveler” package is effective immediately and the subscription fees shall be charged even in case of no use.
  • The service cannot be activated while in Lebanon.



Watch all the live matches and VODs of basketball, volleyball and other sports through the Alfa Sports app from your mobile phone starting $9 / month or through cable vision for an additional $20 fees on your current cable vision plan or package till end of the 2018/2019 season.

Access All Games Live and in replay!

A variety of sports content awaits you when you subscribe to Alfa sports app:

  • 100% of the Basketball matches live and in replay, while 70% of the matches are only available on the app (not broadcasted on TV)
  • Lebanese Basketball cup
  • Lebanese Volleyball Championship
  • AFC ASIAN CUP 2019

Full HD fast streaming

  • All matches are transmitted in full HD quality
  • Alfa subscribers will exclusively benefit from an unlimited data bundle dedicated to watching the matches and browsing the app

Easy and convenient

  • Register to the app and subscribe in simple and easy steps
  • Register through cable vision to enjoy Alfa sports on your Cable TV.
  • Never miss a game again! Watch all the games live and on the go on your mobile phone or in replay anytime at your convenience

Contribute with your favorite team

  • Select the team of your choice and Alfa will support it with $1 per month as long as you remain subscribed
  • If you are subscribed to the season pass, Alfa will support your selected team with $6 per season


Click here to download the app now on your Android Device

Click here to download the app now on you iOS device

Access the application on the web through 



How Much It Costs









Alfa Users

Monthly Pass

-Regular season: $9/ month

-Playoffs: $12/month


Season Pass

For the entire season: $54


Non-Alfa Users


Monthly Pass

-Regular season: $9/month

-Playoffs: $12/month

Browse it using your Mobile internet subscription or WIFI

Season Pass

For the entire season: $54

Browse it using your Mobile internet subscription or WIFI

Cable Vision Season Pass $20 instead of $36 till end of May Enjoy Alfa sports on your TV through Cable Vision


*Full price applies from subscription date till the end of the calendar month/season

*Excluding VAT except for Alfa Prepaid subscribers


How To Subscribe/ Unsubscribe

For Alfa users: Download the Alfa sports App, choose the pass and then Subscribe.

For non-Alfa users: Download the Alfa sports App, choose the pass and then Subscribe. You will have to pay through credit card.

For Cable Vision: Click here, insert the receiver number and choose to activate Alfa sports

Important To Know

  • All matches are available with full commentary in full HD quality.
  • The app can be installed on multiple devices; however, one user can be logged in at a time.
  • Upon cancelation of the monthly pass, you will still be able to access the content until the end of the month, however the bundle will not be renewed.
  • For international viewers and non-Alfa subscribers, the subscription fees will also allow full access to the content; however, unlimited data is exclusive for Alfa subscribers.

Reaching your monthly consumption limit frequently?
Now you have the option to automatically renew your Mobile Internet or Alfa 5x5 bundles once you reach your data consumption limit.


Click here for more info on the Auto Data Renewal feature for Postpaid
Click here for more info on the Auto Data Renewal feature for Prepaid
Click here for more info on the Auto Data Renewal feature for Mobile Broadband


What’s even better than weekends? The Weekender deals by Alfa.
Every week, Alfa offers you $4 great deals for you to enjoy during the weekend. Subscribe on Friday before midnight, and enjoy it on Saturday and Sunday.

Deal for May 18 & 19 (subscription on Friday, May 17)

1.5GB - 70 Minutes - Clip alert service*
$4 excl. VAT

Subscribe NOW! Simply send TW to 1050 by SMS for free or dial *111# and follow the instructions.


*When you miss a call because your phone was switched off, CLIP Alert sends you an SMS as soon as you are available, with the caller's number, and time and date of the call.

Click here for more information on Clip alert service for prepaid
Click here for more information on Clip alert service for postpaid


Click here for more info on The Weekender offer for postpaid
Click here for more info on The Weekender offer for prepaid