Offers and Promo

Offers and Promo

Starting the 1st of July, new prices will be applicable, you can check here the FAQ sheet.


As per the council of Ministers decree 155 dated 20/05/2022, new prices will be applied as of July 1st, 2022.

- For Prepaid prices CLICK HERE
- For Postpaid prices CLICK HERE

Get the music you love, anytime, anywhere! Alfa has teamed up with Anghami to bring you two music bundles, so you can listen, stream, and download the music you love. 

For Postpaid subscribe here   For Prepaid subscribe here 

How It Works

  • Subscribe to one of Anghami music bundles
  • Install Anghami Mobile Application (free of charge) available for the following OSs: Apple (iOS), Android and Windows
  • Login using Facebook account or create an Anghami user ID


How Much It Costs


Plans Alfa Anghami 400MB Alfa Anghami 2GB





400 MB

2 GB

Extra MBs





Unlimited Downloads

*VAT excluded

Click here for more information on the Alfa Anghami service for prepaid.

Click here for more information on the Alfa Anghami service for postpaid.

eSIM is the latest technology in SIM cards where the SIM is embedded in the mobile device. eSIM allows you to activate a mobile number without having to use a physical SIM.

How much it costs

• For a new Prepaid line: $7 (VAT. Excluded) *
• For a new Postpaid line: $16.67 (VAT. Excluded)*
• If you are an Alfa subscriber, whether Prepaid or Postpaid, you can replace your existing SIM card with an eSIM for a one-time fee of $1.67 (VAT. Excluded).

*Same prices of the current physical SIMs


How it works

Visit one of our Alfa Stores branches, along with your ID card or your valid passport, and purchase your QR code to scan it using your supporting eSIM mobile device.

An active data bundle (or Wifi) is mandatory during the installation.

With eSIM, you can now use up to two lines at once on your phone with one SIM card and another eSIM. You can also store multiple eSIMs on your device at the same time and switch between the eSIMs right from your devices settings to choose only one eSIM to be active at a time.

The QR-code provided should not be shared with anyone and should be kept in a safe place as you might need to re-download your profile whether on the same device or on another device.

Important to know

  • eSIM is currently not available on Apple watch.
  • U-Chat 17 & Waffer cannot exchange their SIM with an eSIM and vice versa.
  • If you lose your device, to pass by any Alfa store and purchase a new SIM/eSIM.
  • With eSIM, you can put up multiple phone numbers, which you can add, activate, deactivate and delete directly from your device settings.

Reaching your monthly consumption limit frequently?
Now you have the option to automatically renew your Mobile Internet or Alfa 5x5 bundles once you reach your data consumption limit.


Click here for more info on the Auto Data Renewal feature for Postpaid
Click here for more info on the Auto Data Renewal feature for Prepaid
Click here for more info on the Auto Data Renewal feature for Mobile Broadband


What’s even better than weekends? The Weekender deals by Alfa.
Every week, Alfa offers you great deals for you to enjoy during the weekend. Subscribe on Friday before midnight, and enjoy it on Saturday and Sunday.

Deal for October 1 & 2 (subscription on Friday, September 30)

1.5GB - 60 Minutes - VIP*
$1.34  (excl. VAT)

To subscribe simply send TW to 1050 by SMS for free or dial *111# and follow the instructions.

*The VIP service allows you to create a list of approved or unapproved numbers that can reach you on your mobile for extra privacy.


Click here for more info on The Weekender offer for postpaid
Click here for more info on The Weekender offer for prepaid