How It Works

Choose one of the Business bundles and benefit from a pack of allocated Data, local/ international/ Roaming minutes and SMSes for a fixed monthly price!

Not available for new comers.

How Much it Costs

* The business bundles prices above exclude the corporate monthly subscription fees.
** Check the list of allowed countries for International minutes.

When your local/international/roaming minutes & SMS are consumed, you can still make calls and SMS, with the current VPN rates.

Bundles prices:

- Business 160: $53.340
- Business 220: $73.340
- Extra MB for both bundles: $0.01/MB

Click here for international tarrifs


How To Subscribe/Unsubscribe

Only administrators can subscribe/unsubscribe to the service:

  • Call 111 from the administrator number.
  • Send email: from the authorized e-mail address.


How To Check Your Consumption

  • Online
  • Dial *111#
  • Dial *11#
  • Send SMS to 114 enclosing “bill” (free of charge)

Important To Know

  • The 60 free monthly minutes will not be granted upon subscribing to any Business bundle (Business 160, Business 220).
  • The chosen bundle will be activated and renewed on the line’s bill cycle, and the remaining minutes, SMS and Data, if any, will be lost.
  • You can instantly renew your bundle or migrate to another business bundle anytime; however, any remaining MBs, minutes or SMS will be lost.
  • When you cancel a business bundle, the remaining Minutes, SMSes and data will be lost, and the bundle price is non-refundable.
  • When outgoing Roaming minutes within the bundle are fully consumed, you will be charged as per the current Roaming rates; and the out of bundle minutes made while Roaming might not be directly charged and could appear on the next invoice.

Every business is driven by communication. Whether you're looking to connect with the world around you or unify your company like never before, efficient and effective communication is a key.

Alfa Business is a solution developed for professionals, to meet your business communication needs at every level.

When you opt for Alfa Business, you benefit from:

  • Reduced tariffs on a private network
  • 60 minutes for free on every line each month
  • Free management of your company's line according to your specifications
  • Free corporate services

Alfa Business functions as an internal mobile exchange system, allowing users to contact one another by simply dialing a designated extension number.

The enhanced offer is tailored around the needs of small, medium, and large corporations as per the following line brackets: 5-20, 21-50, and 51+. Each has preferential rates allowing corporations to benefit from all Alfa Business services at competitive prices (compared to the normal tariffs).

No one knows your business the way you do.

That is why Alfa Business offers flexible features that put you in control, allowing you to adapt your private network to your business needs. With Alfa Business, you can set your own specs for each and every line in your network. For instance, you can set a maximum consumption ceiling or limit outgoing calls, and choose to include your fixed lines in your private network.

Set A Ceiling For Your Consumption
An SMS notification is sent (free of charge) to all users once they have reached 50% of their consumption limit. And once the ceiling consumption is reached, both user and administrator are also notified by SMS (at 80% and 100% consumption). 

Get Free Access To Bill Information
Free administrator access to Alfa Business bill info allows updated checking on the unbilled amount reach of each line. As the administrator, you only need to send an SMS (free of charge) to 135 with the following configuration: "usg + 8 digit Alfa number"*. You will immediately receive a reply with the unbilled amount, the date of the last identified call, and a reminder of the line's predetermined consumption limit. 
*This service is only available to the system administrator, who can always log on to the dashboard to find out about the unbilled amount of any of the fleet's lines. 

Control Outgoing Calls
You can control outgoing calls through a list of authorized numbers for the network as a whole or for specific lines within that network. Authorized numbers may also be set to operate within a specified time frame, such as during office hours. 

Adapt The Service To Your Changing Needs
At the end of each month, you can receive a detailed electronic bill including the details of calls made from each line along with their costs. This allows you to gather line consumption statistics, which can then be used to make all the necessary changes you need.

  • Major discounts are applicable on all outgoing calls, within the same fleet or outside the VPN fleet, as well as on SMSes, and services.
  • Click here to check the enhanced tariffs.
  • Corporate lines benefit from 60 free minutes each month.
  • Companies whose revenues are subject to VAT can redeem the full VAT amount.

The required documents are:

  • Subscription agreement signed by the authorized person
  • Commercial circular (signature authorization not older than 1 year)
  • Stamped commercial register
  • Registration certificate from Ministry of Finance
  • Direct debit by the company name, signed by the authorized person and stamped
  • Identity card of authorized person
  • Identity card of fleet administrator

N.B.: As foreign companies do not have commercial register and circular, they should provide a Factual Statement, signed and stamped by the Ministry of Commerce and Economy, in addition to the other formalities.

- For business Single direct debit authorization form click here

- For business Double direct debit authorization form click here


Call Divert
Redirect your calls to another line in Lebanon, be it a fixed line or a mobile line.

Call Waiting And Conference Calls
Put your correspondent on hold to answer another call or engage in conference calls with two or more people at the same time. 

The number of your correspondent appears on your mobile screen before you answer the call. If your correspondent is a fellow network user, his/her extension number will appear on your screen.

CLIP Alert
If you miss a call because your mobile is switched off or you’re out of reach, and you choose to bar all calls, callers will get a "turned off" signal and the CLIP Alert service will notify you via SMS as soon as you are available, giving you the caller's number, time, and date of the call.