Alfa media

What is it?

Alfa Media SMS is a written message sent directly to all mobile phone users according to predetermined criteria.

How does it work?
  • Number of messages:
    An unlimited number of messages can be sent. The service can also be set up with a limit on the maximum distribution rate per hour. (Example: If a message is to be sent to 10,000 subscribers at 9:00 AM and the service is set up to send a maximum per hour of 2,000 messages, then 2,000 messages are sent at 9.00 AM 2,000 at 10.00 AM, 2,000 at 11.00 AM, and so on.)
  • Time, date and duration:
    You can schedule the date and time when the message is to be sent and its validity period.
  • Personalized messages:
    Each message can be personalized to include information targeting your chosen audience.
  • A one-to-one approach can take place since the message is sent directly to subscribers
  • Length of message:
    The maximum length of each message is 160 characters
    Maximum length of the sender ID is 11 characters
How do I select my target?

Two databases can be used:

  • You can provide us with your own list of numbers
  • You can also target one or several segments of Alfa's prepaid/postpaid subscriber database
Post Campaign Statistics
  • The service provides post-campaign statistics: confirmation of the number of messages sent with their date and time, number of messages received, number of failed messages, and the reason why it did not reach the specified destination
  • The sending report encloses the status of the SMS, the sender ID, the date, the time, the booking order number and the destination number
Tips that Help
  • Alfa Media SMS is perfect for communicating basic written information to a specific target
  • Sending personalized messages encourages client loyalty
  • It is ideal for professional groups, restaurants, ready-to-wear boutiques, service companies, banks and insurance companies
Real Life Uses
  • You have a ready-to wear boutique and you would like to inform your regular clients about the new collection or special offers. This is a perfect opportunity to use Alfa Media SMS as the information reaches your client directly
  • You run a restaurant and would like to communicate the new menu or a special lunch/dinner offer
  • You have a large services company (bank, insurance company) and would like to inform your clients about a new service or promotion. The one-to-one communication with your clients will only reinforce their loyalty to your company

Additional Information

For more information please select one of the following options:

  • Call 03/391111 (this call is not free of charge)
  • Call the free Alfa Helpline on 111
  • Send a fax to 03/391126
  • Send an email to:
  • Simply visit us! Our customer service agents will be pleased to assist you Monday through Saturday from 8 AM to 3 PM