Our Story 

Alfa is the brand name owned by Mobile Interim Company 1 SAL which is managing the first Lebanese mobile network for the benefit of the Republic of Lebanon / Ministry of Telecommunications.
Alfa plays a leading role in Lebanon’s digital transformation journey through driving innovation, employing technology for the benefit of the community and setting the foundations of a digitally sustainable and trust-based customer culture.
Alfa’s digital and technological agenda has seen exceptional milestones and accelerated change over its 26 years history, enabling it to attain operational efficiency and offer a service of high quality with exceptional nationwide mobile speeds and an expansive network capacity.
-In 2011, Alfa was the first to launch 3G+ mobile broadband services.
-In 2013, it became the first to commercially roll out 4G-LTE services in the country.
-In 2015, it launched the first live 4G+ site in Lebanon.
-In 2016, it was the first to complete a nationwide deployment of the 4G LTE-A (4G+) network.
-In 2018, it was the first to accomplish the 1st 5G trial in Lebanon with speeds reaching 25 Gigabits/sec for the first time in Lebanon’s history.
Alfa currently serves more than 2 million subscribers (75% of them are data users), through a state-of-the-art network (2G, 3G+, 4G and 4G+/LTE-A) that covers 99% of Lebanon.

Our Purpose

We are proud citizens of our community, with a strong sense of belonging. We provide competitive telecommunications services, while maintaining the highest quality of service and upholding our sustainable commitments.

Our Vision

We aspire to lead change in the telecommunications industry by employing advanced technologies and adaptable mobile solutions for the Lebanese market. Through this, we are creating an innovative model for social responsibility and fostering our stakeholder engagement through an agile value creation system.

Our Beliefs

We believe in:
The potential of our people. By nurturing our talented teams and developing knowledge and skills, we enable our people to pave the way to, and always strive for, sustainable growth.
Building a sustainable business model by investing in our talents and engaging our stakeholders, in order to benefit the society, as well as the environment through pioneering responsible operations and initiatives.
The power of agility. By constantly enhancing our business processes, talent management, and technologies, we create competitive advantage and strategic differentiation.
Delivering outstanding customer experience by striving for excellence and anticipating our customers’ needs, thus turning them into brand ambassadors.

Our Commitments

We are committed to:
The wellbeing of our people, by improving their lives, creating opportunities, and building their capacities in a fair and nurturing environment.
Being a socially responsible corporate citizen, by contributing to the community in which we live and grow in, and by achieving and maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity.
Acting with agility, by reinforcing our ability to adapt to complex client requirements, while keeping abreast of changes in the market and the business environment, and by embracing the latest technologies in terms of energy savings and operational efficiency towards renewable energy sourcing.
Providing innovative services to our clients by maximizing satisfaction through continuous improvement of our quality management system.

Our Aspirations

We aspire to:
Be the caretakers of our people by being a leading corporate citizen and by creating positive change in their lives.
Maintain our leading position by aligning our sustainable engagements with our business strategy, thus steering towards an advanced perspective.
Lead change by creating innovative business opportunities, as well as modeling emerged trends for the interest of our community, resulting in peak business performance.
Provide an exceptional customer experience, by placing our customers at the center of our business and strategy, and delivering greater value towards long-term customer loyalty.