Alfa 4 - Life

At Alfa, we are committed to bringing real and positive change to Lebanon through our Corporate Social Responsibility program, Alfa 4-Life.

Based on our core values, Alfa 4-Life focuses on improving the lives of children with communication needs. Through special care and skill-building initiatives, we want to ensure that these children are able to fully and comfortably interact in the society they live in.


Since 2006, Alfa 4-Life has supported a number of Lebanese NGOs such as Lebanese Autism Society (LAS), SOS Children’s Village, Acsauvel, SESOBEL, Father Andeweg Institute for the Deaf (FAID), and the Lebanese School for the Blind and Deaf (LSBD).



The continuous support of our subscribers has been vital to the success of our efforts. As part of Alfa 4-Life, we launched an SMS fundraising campaign, which allows our subscribers to donate $1 to organizations we partner with. We created the short code 1004, making it convenient to send donations via SMS.

This model was a one-of-a-kind in Lebanon when introduced, and has since then been replicated by other organizations. Alfa 4-Life and its SMS fundraising component demonstrate how something as simple as an SMS can prove to be innovative and have a powerful impact on peoples’ lives.