Our environment today is going through an unprecedented transformation. From loss of green spaces, to climate change, it has become imperative more than ever to work together towards preserving the future of our country, of our planet and, ultimately, of our children.

Through the Alfa 4-Nature program, we are working on internal and external measures for a more sustainable environment. We are working on reducing our environmental footprint, by optimizing waste management, reducing energy consumption, and cutting down on carbon emissions.

On the ground, we have adopted innovative and simple solutions to help make our premises more eco-friendly, such as:

  • Installing energy-efficient ballasts on all floors and cafeterias
  • Configuring power shut down for floor lightings and kitchen pantries
  • Installing motion detectors in the parking and toilets, cutting down energy consumption by over 40%
  • Turning louvers and installing timers via BMS, in order to reduce leakage of existing elbows in all ACs
  • Enabling sleep mode into the power management network tool
  • Configuring turn off on all computers and printers
  • Configuring automatic power save for copiers, shredders, and screens
  • Installing a fans and pumps schedule on BMS at our headquarter
  • Registering hourly meter readings at each gasoil refilling
  • Recycling and sorting directly on our premises in order to educate our staff on waste management
  • Implementing Alfa Green service initiatives such as e-billing and e-recharge services that considerably reduce the amount of paper used, reducing our printed bill statements by 71 % and increasing our internet based billing by 233%