December 2015

«De Fil en Aiguille» SOS children’s villages embroidery exhibition

As part of our “Alfa 4-Life CSR” program and following last year’s announcement about Alfa’s financial and logistical support dedicated for refurbishment of the SOS Children Villages embroidery workshop, an embroidery exhibition was held on Wednesday the 2nd of December at the Smallville hotel in Badaro in collaboration with SOS children’s Villages. The exhibition marked the launch of the redesigned trendy new line of SOS embroidery «De Fil en Aiguille».

This initiative came as part of Alfa’s commitment to women’s empowerment and economic independence. Alfa has given the SOS workshop new life by buying machinery that allow the ladies to enhance their work quality, and offered them the necessary practical training to renew the workshop's activities and designs by creating a wider and trendier range of embroidery line that was discovered enthusiastically by SOS supporters and was considered a big success.