Malak-e MATE Watch

The Malak-e Mate is a watch for kids and seniors connected by an Alfa line. Its tracking and calling functions allow you to easily locate, monitor and contact your beloved ones anytime, anywhere from your phone.

By using Alfa’s cellular connection and GPS technology, the durable and colorful Malak-e Mate Watch keeps you and your beloved ones connected.

The watch can be configured to allow the wearer to call you at any time (Video Call as well) and even chat with pre-configured numbers.

Malak-e watches are temporarily unavailable in our stores; they are available at the supplier's end.

New line price $8.34
Credits $1
Malak-e plan $1.34 / month (30 days validity)
Total local minutes 40
Extra consumption rate per minute $0.08
Total local MBs 20
Extra consumption rate per MB $0.01
SMS notifications Unlimited

GPS yearly subscription: $36 (starting 2nd year)

Smart locator

You will be able to locate your beloved ones through the Malak-e application once downloaded on your smartphone.

Voice & SMS

The watch has voice and SMS capabilities thanks to a built-in speakerphone and an OLED screen.

It can call up to 2 pre-configured numbers and receive calls from 20 pre-configured numbers as well. The limited contact list helps the wearer to reach you easily.

Emergency calls

It has an emergency button (SOS) that lets your beloved ones make emergency calls and send SMS notifications to the predefined numbers by simply pressing it for three seconds.

The watch keeps, then, calling the numbers until one of the recipients answers.


The watch is embedded with a feature that notifies you: the pre-defined numbers, whenever the watch is dropped, collides with an object, or removed from the wearer’s hand.

Secure area

You can set multi security areas on Malak-e’s smartphone app in order to get notified whenever your beloved ones go out of the defined security fence.

Feature for Android only:
As an additional layer of security, the watch is embedded with a proximity sensor that connects to the mobile application and lets you locate your beloved ones when they’re nearby.
The proximity sensor requires Bluetooth 4.0 and higher.



Malak-e KT01

Screen 1.3 inch IPS screen
Battery Built-in 500mAh battery
Standby time About 72 hours
Talk time About 4 hours
OS requirement Android 6.1 OS or above
iOS 8.0 or above
Connection 2G / GSM / GPRS
Location GPS / LBS / WiFi multimode positioning
Ports & buttons Speaker, Magnetic charging port, Micro SIM Card, microphone, power
Weight 43g
Size Watch width: w 4cm, L 4.5cm
Strap length: 24cm
Package size 135 x 102 x 75mm
Package contains 1 x USB Cable 1 x Screw Driver

Subject to Availability


To check the available balance, download Malak-e application iOS and Android
To recharge the alfa prepaid plan:

  • Click here
  • Dial *111# and follow the instructions
  • Call 961 3 390390

The prepaid plan is renewed every 30 days. Accordingly enough balance should be available in the account or else the number will enter the retention period (same lifecycle of U-Chat plans)

  • Incoming and outgoing iternational and roaming calls are not allowed
  • Mobile internet is not compatible with the Malak-e Mate Watch Alfa Prepaid plan
  • A prepaid plan change is not allowed for the Malak-e Mate Watch with an Alfa Prepaid plan
  • Credit transfer in is allowed
  • Credit transfer out is not allowed


The watch is available at all