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Awards and certificates

Leaders Merit Award for Great Achievement and Leadership

Telecom Review Summit

Alfa’s CEO, Marwan Hayek 

The Telecom Review Industry Awards is presented on a yearly basis to key people in the ICT business who have demonstrated great achievement and leadership in the global telecom industry. 


Gold Award for Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility

Arab Organization for Social Responsibility

“Alfa 4-Life” CSR Program 

The award was granted to Alfa as a token of recognition of the contributions made by the company towards the Lebanese society especially through Alfa-4Life"program in support of social welfare and especially initiatives targeting children with special needs which helped the children achieve their social integration and unleash their inner talents in the field of art.

Silver award in Telecoms/Mobile & Internet Bronze award in Best Youth Marketing

GEMAS Effies MENA Awards


Celebrating Ideas That Work and Marketing Ideas That Click, Alfa scored a double win at the Gemas Effies 2012. 

Worth noting that there was no Gold awarded in the Telecom/Mobile & Internet category and Alfa U-Chat was awarded a Bronze in a non-related Telecom category- competing against all brands.

Golden Order of Merit for Leadership Tatweej Certificate


Alfa’s CEO, Marwan Hayek 

In recognition of a career rich in achievements in the ICT industry which spans over 17 years spent in laying the foundations of telecommunications networks and the development of the telecommunications infrastructure in a large number of countries including Lebanon, Egypt, Yemen and Pakistan. 

Alfa Chairman and CEO Eng. Marwan Hayek received the "Golden Order of Merit for Leadership" award from the Arab Administrative Development Organization (ARADO) which is affiliated with the League of Arab States.

Best Interactive Social Platform

Pan Arab Web Awards

Alfa’s Facebook page 

This award was granted to Alfa from the “Pan Arab Web Awards Academy.” It aims at honoring companies that have an effective presence on Facebook, and aims as well at encouraging companies to be interactive on social platforms.

Visionary Entrepreneur Award

Business Entrepreneurship Forum

Alfa’s CEO, Marwan Hayek 

Alfa’s Chairman and CEO, Mr. Marwan Hayek received the prestigious ‘Visionary Award’ at the Business Entrepreneurship Forum Awards that aimed at recognizing his outstanding work in the ICT sector in the fields of IT infrastructure, business development and management.

Golden Award as the Best Website under telecommunications Category

Lebanon Web Awards Committee (LWA)

Alfa Website 

Alfa’s ( was granted this award in recognition of its role in communicating with Alfa subscribers and especially for its comprehensiveness in offering the means to facilitate service management. The number of unique visitors reaching more than one million per month had made Alfa website among the top Lebanese websites in terms of numbers of visitors, and this factor contributed greatly to Alfa’s win. 


Best Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative

Telecom Review Summit

“Alfa 4-Life” CSR Program 

This award honored Alfa based on its business practices, and came to recognize Alfa’s vital contributions towards the Lebanese society and especially the initiatives launched in support of the causes of people with special needs.

Best Corporate Citizen 2013 - Lebanon

New Economy Magazine

“Alfa 4-Life” CSR Program 

This award recognizes companies who have and organizations that lead the way in driving their corporate citizenship practices forward. Alfa has been awarded the “Best Corporate Citizen 2013” - Lebanon, as the only company from Lebanon across all fields, for going above and beyond the standard and accepted level of performance.

Bronze award for the Arabic Culture Category

Mena Cristal


During the MENA Cristal’s 8th edition, Alfa took home the Emerald (Bronze) award for the MIDLINE campaign under the Arabic Culture Category. 


Alfa awarded ISO 39001:2012

ISO 39001:2012

In November 2017, Alfa was the first telecom operator in the MENA region to be awarded ISO 39001:2012 certification on Road Traffic Safety Management. Click here for more info

Citizen Billposter Award

Pikasso D'Or

Alfa’s Road safety campaign with Kunhadi wins the Citizen Billposter Award at Pikasso D'Or on Feb 16, 2017. 


Telecommunications Man of the Year

Pan Arab Web Awards

Alfa’s CEO, Marwan Hayek 

Mr. Hayek has been granted the “Telecom Man of the Year” award in honor of his achievements and dedication throughout his career servicing the Telco sector, contributing to the sector's development in Lebanon and the Arab world.

Grand Crystal

MENA Cristal Festival

“Ehkineh” Stunt 

Hijacking Lebanon radio stations managed to scorer Alfa the Grand Crystal award during the MENA Cristal festival in its 6th edition. 


Bronze Award

GEMAS Effie Mena Awards

“Ehkineh” Stunt 

Scoring clear and measurable results, Alfa managed to take home the Bronze Award under the Telecommunication / Mobiles & Internet category during the GEMAS Effie Mena Awards ceremony - 2010 edition.

Gold & Silver Awards

Dubai Lynx

“Ehkineh” Stunt 

With more than 218,000 hearing it live on radio stations, bloggers tracking it on their blogs and more than 412,000 shares online, Alfa won two awards at the Dubai Lynx under the “Use of Media” and the “Radio” categories. 


Best Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative

Telecom Review Summit

This Award was granted to Alfa as a token of recognition of its work in promoting sustainability practices and in leading the way through initiatives towards the Lebanese community, namely through “Alfa-4Life" program in support of children with special needs.

Operator Telecom Leader of the Year

TeIecom Review Summit

Alfa’s Chairman and CEO, Marwan Hayek, was recognized as “Telecom Leader of the Year-Operator” in 2016 in recognition of his leadership and contributions to the telecom sector’s advancement development in Lebanon and the MENA region.

Best Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative

Telecom Review Summit

“Alfa 4-Life” CSR Program 

With entries from over 30 countries in North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia, Alfa won this years’ award for going beyond the ordinary in leading CSR initiatives. This award represents an incentive for Alfa to strengthen its long term commitment towards the Lebanese society and to keep on creating new CSR initiatives to support children with special needs in their social integration

Best Social CEO Award

Marwan Hayek the Best Social CEO

Alfa Chairman and CEO Marwan Hayek won the Best Social CEO Award at the Middle East Social Media Festival 2019 that was held in Beirut. The award was offered to Hayek after obtaining the majority votes of 2000 marketing and communication experts who were surveyed for a month.
The award reflects the importance of each executive’s effective digital presence in view of the significant increase in the use of social networking platforms.
The result of the vote was decided in view of Hayek’s commitment to interact personally and on daily basis with followers in order to better serve customers.

Alfa awarded ISO 14001 and ISO 45001

ISO 14001 and ISO 45001

In December 2018, Alfa was awarded two ISO certifications: ISO 14001 for Environmental Management and ISO 45001 for Occupational Health and Safety, by the certification body “Groupe AFNOR” accredited by COFRAC