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Alfa accomplishes live 5G demo at Ministry of Telecom headquarters

9 November 2022

Beirut – Lebanon on 9 Nov 2022: Minister of Telecommunications Johnny Corm patronized a live 5G demo conducted by Alfa in partnership with Huawei at the Ministry of Telecom headquarters today. A live speed of 1.8 Gigabits/sec was achieved which is a simulation of the speeds that will be enabled when 5G becomes commercially available.
Corm underscored the importance of enhancing Lebanon’s positioning in the ICT industry through adopting and investing in future technologies. He stressed that “such innovations contribute to economic growth and to diversifying the economy and services”.
Alfa CEO and Chairman Jad Nassif said that the “live demo comes to demonstrate Alfa’s readiness to move to 5G”, adding that “this represents a challenge but also an opportunity considering the significance of 5G in developing the national economy”.
Nassif praised the efforts of Alfa’s technical team, stating “that the 1.8 Gigabits/sec speed achieved sets the standard for what to expect with 5G in terms of speeds and the great capabilities and economic opportunities awaiting us”.