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Alfa and touch: all services are available at official rates

27 July 2022

Beirut, 27 July 2022: Alfa and touch would like to confirm that all services are available at the official tariffs that went into effect on July 1. Tariffs are available on Alfa and touch websites and mobile apps. Besides, Sayrafa rate is being constantly updated as determined by the Central Bank.

Alfa and touch remind customers that they can visit the official stores, assigned points of sales as well as joint service centers with Ogero across Lebanon to manage their services and complete all transactions related to their mobile lines at the official rates.

The two companies warn customers from some shops, outside their assigned network, which charge unofficial rates and do not apply the main Sayrafa rate formula for prices calculation. In this regards, Alfa and touch urge customers to review the official prices before completing any transaction or making any purchase.