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Alfa and touch ensure full readiness for anticipated Parliamentary elections

10 May 2022

Beirut on May 10, 2022: Alfa and touch completed, in close coordination with the Ministry of Telecommunications, all needed logistical and network preparations and procedures to ensure a steady and reliable mobile service is in place on the anticipated election day.
An emergency committee has been formed and is constantly meeting with MoT. It will be physically present at the Ministry of Interior on election day, and on field in the headquarters of both companies and across the Lebanese territory to instantly monitor the network performance and mitigate any risks during elections.
In parallel, Alfa and touch are coordinating closely on the activation of National Roaming service on a number of sites.
Technically, touch has performed preemptive upgrades on the network to cater for any potential additional consumption and has redistributed the traffic consumption on network elements that have reached their peak. Technical and maintenance teams are deployed for direct intervention during emergencies on and before election day and network and engineering teams will be on field to solve any arising problems. Touch has also supplied its sites with fuel to avoid any disruptions and has reached an agreement with generator owners to extend power supply hours. Also, it ensured exceptional access to most sites and is coordinating with security authorities to bolster security at some of its critical sites.
Within the same objective, Alfa has taken all logistical and technical procedures that ensure the steadiness of its voice and data service round the clock during the election’s day. This includes supplying all of its network sites with fuel. Moreover, the network’s capacity has been expanded to avoid any congestions. Alfa also boosted the operations at its Network Operations Center (NOC) and has assigned technical teams across regions for immediate intervention during emergencies and for a quick response to solve any network problems immediately. Security authorities will secure Alfa sites to avoid any assaults on the network.