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Alfa clarification in response to the report published on Lebanondebate website

30 March 2021

Beirut- Lebanon March 30,2021: In response to the report published on Lebanondebate website concerning staff vaccination and the Sputnik V vaccine, Alfa would like to clarify the following:
Alfa, and as shown clearly in the internal communique published on the Lebanondebate website, conducted a preliminary survey study on 23/3/2021 with the aim of gathering information and insights concerning who of its employees’ is willing to obtain the COVID-19 vaccine within its continuous efforts to immunize its staff and ensure their health and safety.
The website in its report has neglected the fact that Alfa has explicitly stated in its communique to staff that it is undertaking the necessary steps to ensure their health and safety and therefore an offer for securing the vaccine is “Under Study”. The necessary assessment to make the final decision on this subject is currently underway.
As such, Alfa would like to emphasize that the mentioned report has covered the staff vaccination topic out of context and is short on accuracy and credibility.