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Alfa Opens its New Store in Chtaura

28 October 2018

Beirut, Lebanon, October 28, 2018: Under the patronage and in the presence of His Excellency the Minister of Telecommunications Jamal Jarrah, Alfa, managed by Orascom TMT, opened its new store in Chtaura in Zahle and Central Bekaa caza as part of its plan to expand and modernize its network of stores in Lebanon to keep abreast of the latest technological developments in customer service. The opening ceremony was attended by Alfa CEO and Chairman Mr. Marwan Hayek, former MP Amin Wahbi, municipal officials and social figures from the region.


“We met a month ago in Jeb Jannine, where we opened our first branch in West Bekaa and today we meet again in Chtaura, which links Central and West Bekaa regions,” Hayek said. “Our presence in the region is not new, as we have been here since 2000. After we started with 3 employees, the team has grown to include 11 employees today”. He added: “It was necessary to make this qualitative shift in the form and quality of services we offer to our 200,000 subscribers in this region, which represent 10% of the overall number of Alfa subscribers. This is an important shift as we develop our services in light of global development”. Hayek stressed that “the decision to keep abreast of global innovation was taken years ago in terms of network development and quality of services, and the result was achieving a full 4G and 4G+ coverage with a speed of up to 200 mbits per second, along with our first live 5G trial experience last April in which we achieved a speed of 25 gigabits per sec. This is in addition to a distribution network spread throughout Lebanon”. Hayek also indicated that 9 new Alfa stores will be opened gradually until end of the year to reach a total of 20 stores across Lebanon.

Moreover, Hayek spoke about the expansion of network coverage in the Bekaa with the addition of 110 new sites to the already existing 134 stations. The share of Zahle, Chtaura and Central Bekaa are 22 sites, 4 of them are already in service, 6 are under construction, and the remaining 12 are in the final contracting stages before installation. Hayek also said that a new Alfa store will be opened in the Bekaa in Duris, Baalbeck.


In his speech, Minister Jarrah said, “This store is located in Chtaura at the heart of the Bekaa, a focal point between West and Central Bekaa and Beirut. This opening comes as it was necessary to keep up with the expansion of services and the rise in the number of subscribers, and be closer to them.” He added, “The reason for this expansion is the need to provide services directly to subscribers, so that they get the official tariff and appropriate service, and also get acquainted with the new services provided by Alfa while saving on their bill.”

“Alfa has pioneered the launch of customized data bundles with greater capacity. We decided at the level of the Ministry and at the level of Alfa to reinforce our relationship directly with subscribers without an intermediary. In terms of the number of employees and the geographical location, this store can serve all the Bekaa, since Chtaura acts as a link for the whole region.”
Minister Jarrah thanked Hayek for the speed of responding to people's needs as well as implementing plans with accuracy, speed, seriousness and responsibility