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Alfa opens new Alfa Stores in Solidere and Jbeil

18 January 2019

Alfa, managed by Orascom TMT, opened two new stores in Solidere and Jbeil as part of its expansion plan in Lebanon, bringing the total number of stores to 15, and as confirmed by Alfa CEO and Chairman Marwan Hayek “the expansion strategy is ongoing until reaching 20 stores across Lebanon”. The opening ceremony was attended by H.E. Minister of Telecommunications Jamal Jarrah, Ministry officials, and the Alfa administrative body.

“The opening of these two stores is part of the expansion plan we launched a year and a half ago. We have inaugurated seven new Alfa stores to date, bringing the total to 15 stores across Lebanon,” said Hayek. Speaking about the new Alfa store in Beirut, he said, “It is the second store in Beirut and the fourth in Greater Beirut, bringing us closer to the pulse of Beirut. Events have left their mark in this region, and we hope through this opening that downtown Beirut will once again be the beating heart of the city on the economic, tourism and cultural levels.” He added, “With this store, we launch the new mobile concept, in which the visitor of the store is accompanied in his visit the moment he enters the store, from start to finish and where all his needs are met, so that Alfa subscribers feel they entered a familiar place and got an exceptional service directly from the staff.” Speaking about the new Jbeil Alfa store, Hayek said, “Jbeil is very special to us, as it is the city from which the Phoenicians exported the alphabet to the world, and it is also one of the oldest inhabited cities throughout history. Our presence in the district of Jbeil from the coast to the mountain is essential for us to be closer to our 100,000 subscribers, meet their daily needs, and facilitate their access to our services such as paying bills.” He pointed out that this is the second store in which Alfa launched the modern mobile concept that offers a full service to customers. “This expansion plan goes hand in hand with the expansion of the network. We currently have 60 sites covering the district and will be adding another 20 sites as part of the 500 new sites plan, which will provide comprehensive coverage in all regions”. He added: “Alfa continues with its expansion plan across Lebanon, and we will have opened 20 stores within two months. Both the Nabatiyeh and Baalbek stores are ready to open and work is under way to complete the other stores.”Hayek thanked Jarrah for his continuous support for all Alfa’s initiatives and ideas, and assured that Alfa will continue to offer the best to its subscribers.

“This particular branch is especially significant because the continued economic activity in downtown Beirut is an indicator that the Lebanese are determined to see their country flourish and grow, with no turning back,” said Jarrah at the opening of the Solidere store. “Despite the circumstances, and in line with the strong will and constant desire of the Lebanese for development, Alfa considers that no matter how difficult the situation is, we will create a better reality in order to continue. This is Lebanon and this is the will of the Lebanese.”At the opening of the Jbeil store, Jarrah said, “This ancient city deserves to have its own Alfa store. The 100,000 Alfa subscribers in this district now have a store that is close to them and that duly provides them with a complete range of services.” He pointed out that the goal of this expansion policy is to have a direct relationship with citizens without an intermediary and thus provide them with efficient services. “This ongoing plan to be closer to the Lebanese wherever they are is accompanied by a large network expansion and modernization to solve any existing problems and keep abreast of technological developments worldwide. The 4G service is a reality today and the 5G will be launched shortly, and at the same time, the technology would have been commercially available. Since the telecommunications sector is the second largest contributor to the Lebanese economy, any investment in this sector has a direct impact on it.”
Addressing Hayek, Jarrah said, “I have great confidence in you, and Alfa is always a pioneer in giving the country and its economy the best the telecommunications sector has to offer. I commend all your efforts, seriousness and sense of responsibility, as well as the respect for deadlines and the new visions through the opening of new Alfa store branches and the additional services provided to citizens, in addition to keeping pace with global technological developments.”