+961Alfa is a mobile application enabling the Lebanese diaspora community around the world to own Lebanese numbers that allow them to make and receive calls from family and friends in Lebanon.



+961Alfa provides the Lebanese living abroad with a flexible and easy-to-use app that will enable you to:

  • Call any number in Lebanon at any time at a very cheap rate.
  • You can be reached on your +961Alfa number wherever you are and never miss an important call. Calls from Lebanon to +961Alfa number are charged as per the local calls in Lebanon.
  • Your +961Alfa number can be used while visiting Lebanon by migrating it to a physical SIM card at any alfa store. You can as well migrate back your number to the +961Alfa app to re-use it when you leave Lebanon.
  • Call, chat, share your pictures /videos in-app with other +961Alfa subscribers of the Lebanese community abroad Free of charge.

Note: the call feature will not function in the +961Alfa mobile application in countries that have blocked Voice over IP calls, for example: KSA and UAE. 

Download +961Alfa app from App store and Google Play Store.



How much it costs

Monthly subscription



Minutes of calls to Lebanon

1000 minutes(1)

400 minutes (1)

Incoming (international/ local) calls

Free of charge(2)

In-app calls, chat and share your pictures/videos between two +961Alfa numbers

Free of charge


Renewable automatically each 30 days

All Prices above exclude VAT.

How to register to +961Alfa?

To register to the +961Alfa follow the below instructions 

  1. Download the +961Alfa application from the respective stores (App Store or Play Store).
  2. Enter a valid foreign mobile number.
  3. Create your profile.
  4. Your +961Alfa mobile number will be assigned and you will only be able to receive calls.
  5. To start making calls to any number in Lebanon from anywhere in the world using your +961Alfa application, subscribe(3) to a monthly bundle by clicking on the profile icon 


(1)- Fractions of minutes will be rounded up to the next minute and will be deducted from your available call time balance. For example: if the duration of the call was 40 secs, therefore a 1 min will be deducted from your minutes of calls.
(2)- +961Alfa app needs an internet connection and will use your data plan or a connected Wi-Fi
(3)- Once your +961Alfa number is assigned, you need to subscribe to the monthly plan within 2 days or else you’ll lose your number.


How to subscribe?

Open the +961Alfa app, go to “My profile”   then click on “Refill my Account” and follow the instructions (or Click here)

Subscribe to the Monthly bundle: $9.99 /1000 minutes or $4.99/ 400 minutes (30 days validity).
Your credit card* will be debited every (30) days automatically.

*To change your credit card details or to cancel your payment please check “Service Cancelation” section

Click here to top up additional minutes!

*To change your credit card details or to cancel your payment please check “Service Cancelation” section.

Prices Exclude VAT.


Important to know

  • Calls to 4 digits numbers, overcharged and international numbers are not allowed.
  • The existing Alfa recharge cards cannot be used for the +961Alfa line while using the app.
  • Credit transfer from other Prepaid to Postpaid plans are not allowed.
  • Minutes and validity are not accumulated.
  • The +961Alfa App doesn’t work while you are in Lebanon except for calling Alfa’s customer service: 111.
  • You can use your +961Alfa App in any country except Lebanon.
  • You can use your +961Alfa App as a physical Sim card* when you are available in Lebanon, and use it again on the +961Alfa app when you are abroad.

* The physical SIM card can only be a prepaid line.
* The physical SIM and the +961Alfa app cannot be active at the same time.