Pick your number


Terms & Conditions

  1. You can select one postpaid or prepaid number from the list of predefined numbers under 'Pick Your Line’ section.
  2. In order to complete your online booking you need to have a booking code.
  3. Once the information entry is complete, enter your booking code sent to you by SMS or Email to continue the booking process.
  4. After completing the booking, you must attend to any Alfa POS within a maximum period of seven days starting the date of the booking to complete the purchase. (Don’t forget to bring along copy of your ID card, $55 to settle postpaid Regular line price or the price of the prepaid line of your choice, and your booking code).
  5. The subscriber will solely bear the responsibility and the consequences of:
    • The failure in tracking the reservation instructions set by the Company under the 'Pick Your Line’ section.
    • Erroneous information or incompleteness of the requested information and documents required in the registration form of the site within the time frame set or the submission of false documents or information, or the submission of totally or partially destroyed documents.
    • Not attending to the company within the time frame set in point 4. for whatsoever reason in order to complete the purchase.
    • If any of the above mentioned occurs the subscriber will immediately and automatically lose his /her right to the mobile line(s).
    • The company has the discretionary right to cancel the results of the reservation and will not be deemed having misused its rights.