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Personalize your calls with Moodak mobile application

Personalize your calls with Moodak mobile application from Alfa by adding a status displayed to your callers.

Choose a default status or set the status you want to share with groups and individuals and your callers will be able to read your status accordingly. You can even assign timeframes to your statuses.

Download the application and choose from a variety of bundles.

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How to Activate

- First, subscribe to the service using one of the following options:

o Send an SMS to 1024 enclosing:

o Dial *111# and follow the instructions

- Then, download and open the application from the App Store or the Play Store and enjoy your status updates

Note: You can also choose your subscription directly from the Moodak application once you download it.



Bundle Subscription Fee Validity Number of status change per cycle

Moodak -Daily


1 day


Moodak -Weekly


7 days


Moodak -Monthly


30 days


Moodak – Monthly VIP


30 days



Useful Info

- Arabic language is supported

- The service is not available during roaming and international calls

- The service is not compatible with PPN and VIP services

- The service is automatically renewed and charged at the end of the lifecycle, which applies to the free bundle upon subscription as well.