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Alfa 4-Life

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The United Nations Global Compact

Alfa is now part of a larger global community, the United Nations Global Compact.
The UNGC is a strategic policy initiative, for businesses that are committed to aligning their operations and strategies with universally accepted principles.
Thus, not only does Alfa adhere to its duties as a responsible corporate citizen, it also adheres to norms and values of international magnitude.
We are committed to international standards in matters such as Human rights, Labor, environment and anti-corruption, and of course the internationally renowned Millennium Development Goals.
Congratulations to the Alfa family for this great accomplishment.



ISO 26000

We are engaged as pilot organization in the Project on the uptake and use of ISO 26000 – Guidance on Social Responsibility, in the MENA Region.
We aim at translating the 7 core subjects of ISO 26000 into effective initiatives and opportunities which uphold our stakeholders’ interests for the benefit of our community, our people and our environment through Pioneering Responsible initiatives.
We act responsibly in every aspect of our business, while taking into consideration the triple bottom line: People, Planet and Profit, through an innovative model of social responsibility which supports Alfa‘s strategic business goals.



Sustainability Report

Download the Sustainability Report