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Alfa opens its New Store in Tripoli

15 November 2018

Under the patronage and in the presence of the Minister of Telecommunications Jamal Jarrah, Alfa, managed by Orascom TMT, opened its new store in Tripoli. The opening was attended by Alfa Chairman and CEO Mr. Marwan Hayek, Alfa’s administrative body, and public figures.

“Once again, we meet on an almost weekly basis in the various Lebanese regions. I would like to thank the Minister with whom we started the plan about a year ago and would like to say that we are now in direct contact with customers and subscribers. We opened stores in Jeb Jannine, Chtaura, and Unesco Beirut last month, and here we are today in the capital of the North, Tripoli, which represents Lebanon’s second capital for many residents of the region.”

“For Alfa, the North is an important area where we have a strong presence with about half a million subscribers, which represents 25 percent of our subscribers,” he said. “We have been present in Tripoli for a long time, and we are currently in a recently renovated branch as part of our expansion plan. When we started in 2000, we had three employees and today we have nine employees and we provide services to more than 7,000 subscribers per month through this store, and this number is constantly on the rise.”

Hayek pointed out that this Alfa store branch is not the only one in Tripoli, as there are another branch on Mina road and also another franchise. “We also aspire to open other branches if there is a need for more.”

Talking about the expansion strategy, he said, “It includes all areas of Lebanon, including Tripoli and the North. 110 stations will be added to the network in the next phase in the North, because our presence here needs to be strengthened, especially in areas where coverage needs to be developed such as Akkar or other rural areas. At the same time, we strive to make Tripoli the first region to receive new services, starting with 3G then 4G+, and it will be one of the first cities to enjoy 5G. Tripoli is very dear to us, and what is provided here is also available in Beirut with the same quality.”

Hayek then thanked Minister Jarrah for his support to all our expansion plans at different levels, adding “we hope that this branch will not be the last branch we open in Tripoli.”

“We are here today in Tripoli as part of the Ministry's and Alfa’s plan to be in direct contact with citizens. In our opinion, Alfa employees are able to provide the best services and have direct contact with the citizens, getting them acquainted with the new services and products of a company that meets their aspirations and needs. It is essential for citizens to be aware of all available products and to choose what suits them.”

“We have followed a corporate plan in all major regions and cities and implemented a comprehensive expansion process, which is still ongoing and which serves the interest of the people”.

He added: “As for the expansion of the network, Tripoli is one of the main cities, which is also the economic capital of Lebanon, and Alfa has decided to provide it with excellent performance, quality services and continuous professional development. Of course, all this takes time and cannot be completed overnight. We also avoid causing any shortcomings in the work on the network in Tripoli and present the most recent innovations, to help offer the best price and services to citizens.”

Jarrah thanked Hayek for his effective work towards the state and the people, and he also expressed his appreciation for the Alfa team which values the quality of time and service offered to citizens.