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Clarification from Alfa regarding the “Alfa A+” plan cancellation for Lebanese University students

26 October 2021

Beirut, Lebanon on 26 October 2021: “Al Akhbar” newspaper has mentioned that Alfa informed Lebanese University students who are subscribed to its “Alfa A+” plan through SMS that it will be suspending their subscription starting next month.

This news, as circulated, is inaccurate and is generalized. To clarify, the “Alfa A+” plan is exclusively offered to university students who are under the age of 25. Private and public academic institutions provide Alfa with the names of the beneficiaries through official lists of eligibility they issue regularly.

What happened with regards to the subscriptions of the Lebanese University students who received the “Alfa A+” cancellation SMS is that the administration of the university has shared a list of students who are no longer eligible to benefit from the plan. This is because these students are no longer enrolled in the university for the upcoming academic year and hence, they no longer meet the criteria of eligibility. Being former Lebanese University students, their subscription was cancelled.

Worth mentioning that the administrations of the respective universities regularly update the “Alfa A+” eligibility lists of students. This is to ensure that only those who meet the criteria of eligibility remain subscribed to the offer and eventually cancel it for those who are no longer active students in these institutions.