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November 2017

Chain Of Love

On the 8th of November 2017, under the High Patronage of His Excellency Minister of Telecommunications Mr. Jamal el Jarrah, Alfa gathered at USJ with its seven partner NGOS to celebrate 11 years of cooperation with the Alfa 4-Life CSR program, and to put plans ahead for future cooperation. The chain of love panel welcomed the representatives of the seven NGOs, the ‎President of SOS Children's Villages Afifa Arsanios, Sesobel's General Manager and Board President, Fadia Safi, Chairman of the Father Andeweg Institute for the Deaf, Toufic Takchi, the Head of the Francophone Association for Mental Illnesses, Dr. Sami Richa, the Director of the Lebanese School for the Blind and Deaf, Mary Rose Gemayel, the Marketing Manager of the Lebanese Autism Society, Caroline Arabdji, and the President of ACSAUVEL, Mrs. Nabila Fares. The panel discussed the milestones achieved through partnership with Alfa, as well as challenges faced throughout the years and what may come.
H.E. Jamal el Jarrah praised the Alfa 4-Life CSR program and stressed that what Alfa is doing in terms of social responsibility “helps us reinforce our commitment to society, especially the people with iron will, as Mr. Hayek called them, because if we do not cooperate to improve society, any technical, technological, commercial, and financial success we achieve will always be lacking.” While Alfa’s Chairman and CEO Marwan Hayek stressed that “We are not meeting to celebrate Alfa's numerous technological achievements, but rather the associations and the people who devoted time and effort to serve the sector of people with special needs that is in dire need of support. Today, I announce the launch of a new initiative in my name and in the name of Alfa: we will go beyond the traditional designation of “people with special needs” and call them from this day forward “the People with Iron Will”. Indeed, their pride and extraordinary love for life and their will to live in dignity are lessons for all of us”.
This initiative has also helped achieve more cooperation between the NGOs Alfa partners...