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Watch all the Basketball live matches and replays

Watch all the live matches and VODs of basketball, volleyball and other sports through the Alfa Sports app from your mobile phone starting $6 / month or through cable vision for an additional $20 fees on your current cable vision plan or package till end of the 2019/2020 season.

Access All Games Live and in replay!

A variety of sports content awaits you when you subscribe to Alfa sports app:
• 100% of the Lebanese Basketball matches contents live & VOD.
• Lebanese Basketball cup
• Lebanese Volleyball Championship

Full HD fast streaming

• All matches are transmitted in full HD quality.
• Alfa subscribers will exclusively benefit from an unlimited data bundle dedicated to watching the matches and browsing the app.

Easy and convenient

• Register to the app and subscribe in simple and easy steps.
• Register through cable vision to enjoy Alfa sports on your Cable TV.
• Never miss a game again! Watch all the games live and on the go on your mobile phone or in replay anytime at your convenience.

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How Much It Costs

How much it costs

- Monthly Pass





Alfa Users

Monthly Pass

-Regular season: $6/ month

-Playoffs: $8/month


Non-Alfa Users

Monthly Pass

-Regular season: $9/month

-Playoffs: $12/month

Browse it using your Mobile internet subscription or WIFI

- Season Pass

  Sep - Oct 2019 Nov-2019 Dec-2019 Jan-2020 Feb-2020 March/April/May 2020

ALFA Users Season Pass

$ 38

$ 34

$ 29

$ 25

$ 21

$ 20

NON-ALFA Users season Pass

$ 57

$ 50

$ 44

$ 38

$ 32

$ 30

- Cable vision





Cable Vision Channel

Season Pass


Enjoy Alfa sports on your TV through Cable Vision

*Full price applies from subscription date till the end of the calendar month/season
*Excluding VAT except for Alfa Prepaid subscribers


How To Subscribe/Unsubscribe

For Alfa users: Download the Alfa sports App, choose the Basketball pass and then Subscribe.
For non-Alfa users: Download the Alfa sports App, choose the Basketball pass and then Subscribe. You will have to pay through credit card.
For Cable Vision: Click here insert the receiver number and choose to activate Alfa sports


Important To Know