How to use your +961Alfa number while in Lebanon

Transfer from +961Alfa number to a Physical SIM (Prepaid line)

  • If you are visiting Lebanon, and wish to use your +961Alfa number, visit any Alfa store along with your ID / Lebanese passport to get a physical sim that you can use while you are in Lebanon.
  • Cancel your monthly subscription to avoid double charging (check “Service Cancellation” section) or ask customer service representative to cancel it for you.
  • Once your +961Alfa number is transferred to a physical SIM, you will receive a SMS to inform you that you should recharge your line in 2 days to avoid losing it.
  • The second time you wish to transfer to a physical sim, conditioned that you have your physical sim with you, simply call 111 and request transferring your line to the physical sim (don’t forget to recharge it in 2 days).
  • If you migrate to any other Alfa plan, you will not be able to migrate back to +961Alfa app.

Transfer back from Physical SIM (Prepaid line) to +961Alfa App

  • Going back to +961Alfa app when you leave Lebanon can be done by calling our helpline on 111 and requesting to switch to +961Alfa app from physical SIM. You can also do it by opening the app from abroad and you’ll be asked to switch back to +961Alfa app.
  • If you have remaining validity days from +961Alfa SIM, they will remain valid when switching to +961Alfa app. For example, if the days are less than 5, you will get 5 days validity or if the days are greater than 30, you will get 30 days validity in addition to the validity days of the +961Alfa app.
  • The physical SIM can be kept as long as your service is active and can be reactivated it once you are back to Lebanon.
  • In case the physical SIM is lost, you can visit any Alfa store to replace it.