postpaid plan

Payment methods

If you are a postpaid subscriber, you can settle your bill through :

  • Online payment ( for Visa and MasterCard)
  • Cash at:
  • Bank domiciliation; an official bank statement sealed by the bank and signed by the owner is required
  • Jibayat (door to door only)
  • Payment by credit card (in all Alfa stores with no additional fee)
  • Payment by cheque (only accepted in Alfa Store Beirut and Alfa Store Dekwaneh)


Billing inquiry


Bill days and Due dates

  • Bill cycle 8: Consumption between the 9th at 0:00 and 8th at 24:00 of each month
    Due date: 23
  • Bill cycle 15: Consumption between the 16th at 0:00 and 15th at 24:00 of each month
    Due date: 30
  • Bill cycle 22: Consumption between the 23rd at 0:00 and 22nd at 24:00 of each month
    Due date: 6
  • Bill cycle 25: Consumption between the 26th at 0:00 and 25th at 24:00 of each month
    Due date: 12 (Cash at POS) / 20 (Jibayat)

Note: taxes are applicable on all postpaid lines bills